However we look at health and fitness, the fact is that if you don’t put in the time and effort, you won't see results, and making it as part of your lifestyle is the only way to keep motivated and focused. Doing it once a month and trying to make up for lost time by doing an all-day workout followed by a five-mile run isn’t just a way to put you off exercising, but it’s also a way to injure yourself! Likewise, there are so many of us who can't make it part of our lifestyle because of one simple thing, money! As gym fees ramp up and up, we’re all trying to find the right balance between staying fit and not spending a huge amount of money. When you are trying to find ways to cut down on spending, the gym membership is usually the first thing to go because it’s quite a chunk of your paycheck, and as a result, your fitness suffers. So, what's the best way around this?

Getting Home Workout Equipment



If you're lucky enough to have the space, you can get a squat rack and a bench for the garage with an Olympic barbell set with plates, but most of us don’t have that space, and we don’t have the money for such a big purchase. Luckily there are plenty of smaller items of workout equipment that work your body just as effectively. The standard pull up or chin up is one of the harder moves to master because it works so much of your upper body. Investing in a chin up bar for home isn’t just a simple purchase for cheap, but you can make the workouts harder, and vary the grip or even buy gravity boots and you’ve got a way to do inverted sit-ups. The chin up bar is one of those underrated pieces of equipment, purely because of the range of exercises you can actually do.  

Getting Outdoors!   



Working out in the elements toughens you up, but it’s also a cheap way to feel the burn! Running in winter, for example, makes your lungs work harder, but being outdoors is a better way to getting the required amount of oxygen. And as far as cardio is concerned, you’ve got a much more varied amount of terrain, meaning that you will be much more focused than if you were running on a treadmill. While being outdoors, you have boundless limits to your running, which you can make the most of with things like Tabata Sprints. And being outdoors means a more natural workout, and making the most of what is around and needing some outdoor gear.  So if you need to do pull ups, run five miles, and do some press ups, you can turn your run into a makeshift circuit training session. There are plenty of ways to make the workout interesting, and actually more fun. Being at home doing 100-press ups can get boring or repetitive, but being outdoors gets you to think more laterally about what you're doing, and you won't get bored as easily!     



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