Wow! No husband needed with this hang-o-matic. I can actually hang anything myself without any help. I just measure, mark and hang. And no mistakes and no redos. I have already decorated some of my walls since receiving this product. I have more to go but know that I won't have to have help and it won't take long now til I have my house decorated the way I want it. I like fact that I don't have to wait til hubby has time to help me. I can do this on my own and whenever I want. No more honey do's. At least, not for hubby. Now they are my honey do's which is just fine with me.

All my friends have borrowed this from me. I hope I get it back. The are passing it down to each other. I guess I really do need to get them their own or just go ahead and get me another one and just let them pass it down and let the last person keep it when they are done. My husband even used it in his shop to hang up what tools he could and to make sure everything was spaced evenly and straight.

Everyone who has used this product has remarked on how easily they can hang things up now and how everything is perfectly level and exactly where they wanted them. It is just so easy to measure, level, mark and hang.

Everyone is going to hate me and get tired of me talking because I will definitely be raving and recommending this product. It is all in one. Leveler, measuring tape and it has two metal marking pointers.  This is so easy my 13 yr old can do it himself. He even decorated his own room by himself.

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