No Matter Your Fitness Level These DVDs Are Great

Need some workout videos? Here are a few to try. No matter what your position in life from lackidaisical slacker, to pregnant or new mom, or even wanting a harder hitting workout routine, 411 Fitness has a program for you! Check out this array of workout options. I will give you the low down on each of these videos, including how to connect with the social media accounts and shop products for each series immediately following the segment where I discuss them, as well as all together in a grouping at the end of the post for your convenience.

Patricia Friberg - Belly Beautiful & Bottom Line Fitness Workout DVDs

Patricia Friberg Health + Fitness offers these two great workout DVD options for pre- and postnatal moms and those who are looking for a toner, tighter booty.

Belly Beautiful Workout – Pre & Postnatal Pilates, Barre, Fusion (Volume 3)

Following the guidelines of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, this workout is great for pregnant women and new moms to develop overall strength and create a long and lean body. It is a workout that involves Barre and Pilates moves. A small fitness ball, large ball and 6 foot resistance band are recommended (though not included) with this workout. Benefits of the program include:

  • strengthening pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles
  • building strength and endurance to help with labor, delivery, recovery and newborn care
  • helps with postnatal weight loss to help new moms bounce back quickly
  • helps prevent injuries by strengthening the postural muscles
  • elevates mood, reduces stress and increases energy

Bottom Line & A Core Defined – Maximum Booty Lifting & Core Activation Workout

Broken down into three sections — Bottom Activation 1, Bottom Activation 2 and A Core Defined — this is a Pilates and strength-based workout that will help you learn how to activate your core, including the gluteal and abdominal muscles to help improve posture and increase overall athletic performance. It starts out slow and steady and increases in difficulty to really give a great workout. A small fitness ball and loop band are recommended (but not required) for this workout.

Patricia Friberg has been in the fitness biz for almost 20 years and has created several workout DVDs, including those mentioned here as well as Power 4 Pink Workout. She has trained professional athletes and holds certifications from STOTT Pilates, GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS, Yoga, Barre, Schwinn Cycling and The American Council on Exercise. She has been featured in magazines such as Pilates Style, Shape, Self and others, as well as on television outlets, including NBC's The Today Show. She also volunteers as the fitness advisor to the nonprofit organization The JAM school program.

I love to support those who give back to our communities, and these workouts are really fun and pretty easy to follow.

Connect with Patricia Friberg: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Shop Patricia Friberg Fitness products: Shop Here!!!

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Barre Amped Workout DVDs -- Cardio Fat Burn and Sleek & Toned Prenatal Workout, featuring Suzanne Bowen

Suzanne Bowen has more than 14 years experience in the fitness industry. The bio on the back of the DVDs shown above explains:

Suzanne Bowen, founder of SBF and creator of BarreAmped, has more than 14 years experience in the fitness industry. Classically trained in the original US barre technique, The Lotte Berk Method, Suzanne has a strong foundation in alignment and teaching results oriented fitness.

BarreAmped Cardio Fat Burn

This workout features Tabata style workouts with high intensity cardio intervals to elevate your heart rate, low impact fat blasting, and sculpting exercises to help you achieve an all over lean and sleek physique. I though this one might be pretty easy because barre makes me think of ballet, which I have no experience with but looks so effortless when you see it performed, right? Well, this is no easy-peasy workout, but it is a challenge and I thought it was pretty fun!

BarreAmped Sleek & Toned Prenatal Workout

This DVD was created for prenatal and postnatal moms who want to be physically fit to help them with pregnancy, childbirth and keeping up with those new babies! While I am long past being pregnant or a new mom (my youngest child is turning 13 yrs. old next week!) I still found this one to be very enjoyable and challenging. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say even if you don't think this one might be for you, try it out, it's a great workout!

Also, both DVDs advertise on the back of their packaging that, included with the purchase of either DVD, is a FREE 1-month streaming of Barre workouts with a code that's provided. With the 24/7 streaming service, which you can try for free for 48 hours with no credit card required, you will have access to 200+ workouts (Barre, Interval, Mat, Cardio & more) that you can stream from any device, anywhere. You can also access customized workouts, find an online support community and the SBF Food Guide including: 7 Day Jumpstart Plan, Shopping List, Recipes, and a Food Journal. It's all-inclusive. I like that! Also of interest – a great way to give the gift of fitness to moms-to-be or new moms (I'm thinking baby shower gift?) is with a 3-month gift subscription. Yeah, you can do that! 🙂

Connect with Suzanne Bowen: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Shop Suzanne Bowen Fitness Products: Shop Here!!!

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 Ingrid Romero's Edge Booty Extreme & Edge Booty Extreme2

Ingrid Romero means business when it comes to sculpting a sexy body. These workouts are a no-holds-barred and complete guide to get you in the best shape of your life!

Ingrid Romero is an international fitness model, IFBB Professional Bikini Champion, Co-founder of Team Edge, with her husband and trainer Joe Discuillo, and a mother of twin boys. After the birth of her twins, Ingrid accomplished her goal to get back in top shape after only 5 months. She realized that her passion was to help others achieve their fitness goals and dreams. Ingrid's commitment to a healthy family life and fitness life has inspired people all around the world and she continually encourages others to get into the best shape of their lives.

Edge Booty Extreme

Edge Booty Extreme is a workout DVD featuring four routines: Booty Blast, Booty + Core, Single Leg Burnout and Booty Express. It will give you that perfect booty you crave and all the hard work is definitely worth it! Here's a description of the workouts included on this DVD.

BOOTY BLAST – Get ready for the ultimate booty sculpt with this cardio and strength training workout. Ingrid combines energetic cardio drills with weighted strength training to blast and build your booty.

BOOTY + CORE – Getting the perfect booty requires a strong core. Ingrid will take you through a high-intensity, lower body workout that will challenge your balance and stability while keeping the focus on your booty.

SINGLE LEG BURNOUT – Ingrid fine tunes your glutes in theses intense isolation exercises. By targeting each leg separately, you will get the maximum effect for your booty. Ingrid will challenge you to 100 reps per leg, both on your feet and on your side.

BOOTY EXPRESS – This is the no excuses workout. Using only your body weight, Ingrid will guide you through two levels of these simple but extreme booty shaping workouts. Get ready to feel the burn.

Edge Booty Extreme2

This  is a monster 3-DVD disc set featuring approximately 5 hours of booty sculpting fitness workouts. Also included is a booklet with a 7-week workout program and 7-week meal plan. Edge Booty Extreme2 is a serious workout for the serious booty enthusiast!

DISC 1 – Over two hours of weighted super set training for your lower body, upper body and glutes. Get ready to train like a Team Edge athlete.

DISC 2 – Over two hours of weights plus plyo super sets for your lower body, upper body and glutes that will push your endurance to the limit and bring out the best in you.

DISC 3 – Peak Week is 30 minutes of non-stop plyometric super sets designed to burn off the excess and get you ready to show off your amazing Edge booty and body!!

You can join “The Edge Zone” support group on Facebook. This is a private group, so you'll have to request to join, your request will be approved within 24-48 hours. They also have an instagram page where you can post your progress using the hashtag #Edgebooty. This is the perfect workout regime if you are serious about getting in shape for any kind of fitness competition.

Connect with Ingrid Romero: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

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So, there you have it. This is truly a collection for anyone who wants to up their fitness game, regardless of what your end goals are, one or more of these DVDs will get you there! Here's a quick recap of social media and purchase links for these products.


Connect with Patricia Friberg: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Shop Patricia Friberg Fitness products: Shop Here!!!

Connect with Suzanne Bowen: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Shop Suzanne Bowen Fitness Products: Shop Here!!!

Connect with Ingrid Romero: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Shop Ingrid Romero Fitness Products: Shop Here!!!


Find more information from 411 Video Information, who markets many fitness products HERE or on their Facebook or Twitter pages.


Disclaimer: I received the above shown products free of charge for free to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.




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