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No More Brushing To Get Rid If Pet Hair These Are The Best Gloves


Our Sheppard really sheds, she will lose her summer coat and get ready for winter and its like the brush doesn’t do anything to help us. We been looking for something new Love4PET Premium Grooming Gloves, is the best idea and we love them, we have been using them on all the dogs, and her.

Your dogs will be spoiled while you will easily remove a lot of hair with these pet grooming gloves by gentle de-shedding your baby with soft while firm nubs. You’ll forget about shedding, hair removal, grooming, and tangles so no fur goes flying! The hair flying is the worst part , there is hair all over you as everywhere else.

All you have to do is massage your fur baby to collect hair, remove dirt and dander while improving blood circulation, stimulating their healthy oils and leaving your pets’ fur shiny and smooth. Ease to remove the hair by simply peeling away once it’s full!

I love that it stays on the gloves and is so easy to get rid of, and doesn’t make a mess. I hate when hair gets all over everything as your brushing them, I try and do it outside so the hair can fly all over.

WET or DRY usage, WORKS GREAT on DOGs, CATs, HORSEs, RABBITs, other pets – with an ergonomically designed and skin-friendly material, breathable and comfortable perspiration. Left & Right-handed LOVE4Pet deshedding glove makes grooming more efficient and you’ll be able to easily reach hard to clean places such as legs, face, undercoat, and tails!

I found by using the glove on all my animals twice a week I greatly cut down on both shedding and matting. The gloves are very comfortable to wear also and my pets don’t seem to mind either!  They seem to love all the attention and being rubbed down  These work as an efficient hair remover to quickly de-shed loose hair from long, short or curly pet. These gloves are sure to make the task of keeping the house cleaner and make it much simpler and easier.