We are huge coffee lovers here, and having the Ninja gives us a chance to try and use all kinds of coffee, this has been one of the best things we have had, I am able to have the coffee I love and crave while being able to make a pot or just a cup.


I’m seriously thinking of starting my own coffee business. At least, that is how I feel as my friends and family keep coming over for a cup of coffee. I also think I need to become a Barista then maybe I can charge for a cup of my coffee.  Now when we have parties and get-togethers it’s not the food that is in the limelight it is the coffee and my coffeemaker. Good thing it is no trouble to make different styles of coffee with this coffeemaker. It is also a good thing that we are big coffee drinkers otherwise this coffeemaker would have gone to waste. But, then with everything going on in this house and in this family, the best thing is coffee. Next to water coffee is the only beverage that we drink. Well, now that I have been talking about this coffeemaker and the different types of coffee that can be made I think I am going to end this review and go make myself another cup. You can click here to check out Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews on SolidGoldEats.com

Go on over to the website and see all the different products they have and keep up to date on anything new on social media.

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