When it comes to my back and shoulders, they are always hurting, I have tried to get things to help relieve the pain some and nothing has really helped. Except the Oska Inpulse it has made, working at the computer so much better, and so much easier.  How is this so much different than anything, I have ever tried before, this one thing addresses the source of the pain and helps accelerates your body's natural anti-inflammatory responses.


Aside from the gentle blue light that indicates that your Oska Pulse device is on, you’ll “feel nothing” – no pulsing and no heat. You see, the Oska Pulse works by using Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency to mimic the natural electrical currents that your body produces as part of its innate pain management system. Using this is great, I can strap it and let it do its job, and the pain has been minimal and I am able to sit at the computer more.  When I first tried this, I thought it wasn't working right, but the way I feel is proof enough it's doing its job.

Lay your Oska Pulse directly onto your body, place it into the provided strap to attach to your body, or simply lay the device within 6-8 inches of you to get started! These frequencies will promote capillary dilation, relax your muscles, and target inflammation to achieve the pain relief you’ve been needing.

For full review head on over, to mamadews.com

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