No More Pulling With The JWalker Harness

 JWalker no-pull dog harness

No More Pulling With The JWalker Harness

We have a blue-nose pit puppy, and you know walking him is a daily essential! Walking him wasn't one of my favorite things to do because I always felt like I was pulling him with the leash, didn't like that at all! When we received the JWalker dog harness, I was curious on how this was going to work.  IT WORKS fantastic!

Our first time taking Harley (our puppy) out with the harness on, my husband kept saying…he is walking I'm not pulling him!  He was super impressed on how well Harley handled walking with the harness on.  Also how well he was able to hold onto the harness was very comfortable!  The JWalker dog harness was invented by a canine behaviorist to stop dogs from pulling. Well, it works!  No more pulling for us when we walk the dog now.  Even my kids have taken up walking him now since it's not a struggle.  We also can see that Harley enjoys his walks now, I would too if I wasn't being pulled along.

More about JWalker: 

Pet Intel.'s JWalker encompasses the three pillars of Pet Intel's Philosophy: REAL, Balanced, Smart.

  • REAL- A tool designed to work for all dogs and dog owners in REAL LIFE environments and situations.
  • BALANCED- It provides enough control without ever excessively punishing the dog.
  • SMART-Designed by industry professionals using SCIENCE-BASED technologies and research
The unique and patented side/shoulder attachment design that's used to redirect a dog's focus with little effort.  Plus it lets you reward good behavior works wonderfully.  I didn't understand at first, but after getting the harness on and walking Harley I felt comfortable plus I know Harley did too! The JWalker dog harness is handmade from premium tubular climbing webbing and will not cause irritation, burning or chafing of the dog’s skin.
I also like you can hold onto the strap or put around your waist!
No More Pulling With The JWalker Harness

Please visit: to get more info and we highly recommend the harness..we won't be going back to just the leash anymore.

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