Have you ever had a shampoo or conditioner bottle and its pump eventually failed? What do you do? You can unscrew the top to hopefully utilize the remainder of the bottle. Or, you may just throw it out rather than waste your energy trying to salvage what's left. Another all-too-common thing I've had happen is my conditioner becomes so thick over time, that it eventually doesn't come out of the bottle anymore. I either mix it with water and it's a clumpy mess or it goes in the trash and is wasted money (and conditioner). All of the above are super frustrating, especially when you experience these situations while you're stuck in the shower and no one is around to pass you a new bottle of shampoo/conditioner. Well, I have a solution to all of the above! It's called Upfront Cosmetics Shampoo and Conditioner.

Shampoo And Conditioner – More Use and Less Waste

Upfront has created some amazing, innovative shampoo and conditioner bars. These bars fit in the palm of your hand, and, therefore, will barely take up any space in your shower/bathtub area. You also only have to deal with the bar while in the shower (no more problematic bottles and pump apparatuses). And, an extra cool thing about their bars is that “each bar will replaces 2-3 regular sized bottles of packaged shampoo or conditioner” (taken from Upfront website). And, they are more travel friendly (no more exploding bottles after getting off the airplane).

What Happened When I Used Upfront Cosmetics

I had the opportunity to try Upfront's Neutral Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. Now, I have to say that at first when I opened the packages I was a bit skeptical. I thought, “How can these little bars do very much?” Then, I took them into the shower and proceeded to wash my hair. The lather the shampoo bar created was amazing but different from your typical shampoo. As you'll see in my picture below, the lather is there but less bubbly. However, it's thicker in substance which helps make it easier to cover all of my hair and wash it. The conditioner didn't lather as much but it created enough to coat my hair and do what I want my conditioner to do—soften the condition of my hair and help make it easier to comb. After my shower, my hair felt clean, soft, and was easy to comb. Thank you Upfront!

And, it gets better! When I learn more about Upfront Cosmetic's Shampoo and Conditioner Bars I love them even more!  Upfront's shampoo and conditioner are free of parabens, sulphates, and synthetic fragrances. The founder of Upfront Cosmetics wants to provide “quality products with ingredients you can understand” (taken from Upfront website). And, if you look at the lists of ingredients of the Neutral Bars, they're not super long lists of unrecognizable chemicals. Rather, the ingredients lists are short and “upfront,” which I prefer.
And, the Neutral Bars barely have a scent and are for those who are sensitive to scented products. Furthermore, their Neutral Bars are very gentle and non-irritating and they are safe for colored/dyed hair. They are also vegan and produced without animal testing.

Where You Can Get Yours

To purchase Upfront Cosmetics you can visit their website. In addition to the Neutral line, they have a variety of other bars to meet various needs and preferences. At the time I'm writing this post, the Neutral Conditioner Bar will be available soon, according to the website.

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Upfront Cosmetics – They're upfront about what they put in their products and provide a quality product that cares for you and your hair!

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