When you're looking for a new mattress, what do you take into consideration? Some of the bed softer than others, I like it firm to where Ray likes it softer how can we both get what we want. There's a way with the Perfect Pressure Topper Plus; you can make it so that you're both happy. How does this work, when you topper arrives you unbox it, I love how it comes all rolled up and it's so much easier to get upstairs.it's So much easier to get upstairs. Arrives you unbox it, I love how it comes all rolled up and its so much simpler to get upstairs. arrives you unbox it, I love how it comes all rolled up and it's So much easier to get upstairs.  Keep in mind, if you want to find this type, you can simply visit websites like https://www.sleepingguide.org and see all the rolled up mattresses. They also do reviews which can be very useful if you are shopping around for a topper or a bed.

Topper Plus is the world's first adjustable topper that allows each sleeper to customize and personalize the firmness on their side of the bed, in addition to relieving pressure points. After you unroll it and tear off the plastic, the topper comes to life. Puffing up to the form it should be. There are inserts that you can add to your side, giving the bed the feel you want. Now I can have my side firm, and he can have him the way he likes it. We have been using this now for over, three weeks and I have had the best sleep, not only does this relieve the back pain, it's so good at keeping all the aches and pains away. 8 firmness options for each sleeper, Improves the comfort of old and new mattresses and the cover comes off to be washed,  Now there are so many options when looking for a new mattress.

Easily adjusts to your desired level of firmness on each side of the bed. Insert or remove the comfort-inserts to achieve the firmness that works for you! It's that simple, use the full or half for the person who wants that firm bed. Halfway will give me what I want and the other half isn't affected. Both of us get what we want and more.
The world’s first and only adjustable mattress topper. Customize and personalize your side of the bed! You want FIRM, and your partner wants soft? NO PROBLEM.

What kind of bed do you like, firm, soft?

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