No One Likes A Slob: 15 Tips for Keeping Your Car Tidy

People spend a lot of hours in their cars commuting to and from work, sitting in traffic, or running errands. This can make keeping a vehicle clean and tidy a bit of a challenge.

Even if you have kids or pets, there are a lot of hacks and tips to keep your car sparkling and clean. If you struggle with a messy car, keep these tips in mind next time you decide to clean out your car.

1. Use a Sock to Clean the Cupholders

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Your cup holders can gather moisture and liquids, which can cause dust and grime to stick to them. Cleaning them out can be a pain, but clever cleaners have offered their secret hacks.

Wrap a sock around a cup, spray it with a cleaning product, and spin it around in the cupholder. Boom! Now you have a nice, clean place for your cup.

2. Mini Accordion File in the Glove Box

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Your glove box can become a jumbled mess. We all know the struggle of searching through expired registration cards and random receipts to find the item we're looking for. However, a simple mini accordion file from the dollar store can relieve this headache.

Now, you can organize your insurance and registration cards, maintenance receipts, owner's manual, and whatever else you need to keep in easily accessed files.

3. Seat Gap Fillers

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We've all experienced the dread of our keys or cell phones falling into the crevice between the car's seat and the center console. You may have to dig under your seat and search through the random pennies and french fries that have lived down there for months. It's a pain.

However, someone has finally addressed this problem. You can order silicone pads to place between the seat gaps. There's no more blind searching for our lost keys in the dark abyss.

4. Squeegee and Spray Bottle for Pet Hair

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Pet hair sticks to a car's upholstery like velcro. You can vacuum all you want, but that stubborn hair will not budge. Don't worry, though. You don't need a professional car detailer to fix this issue.

Online life hackers have revealed that a squeegee and a spray bottle of water will pick up that hair and loosen up the pet hair. Then, you can vacuum up the clumps that have been scraped out of the carpet.

5. Use a Scrub Brush Before Vacuuming

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A simple trick for vacuuming your vehicle's carpet is to use a scrub brush to loosen up the dirt. A quick scrub helps dig out the embedded junk stomped into your carpet over time.

You can also apply baking soda to the car's floor to help with lingering odors. Let the baking soda sit for 30 minutes before you vacuum, and it will kill the smell of pets, food, and any other unwanted odors.

6. Rubbing Alcohol on Windshield Wipers

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Rubbing down your windshield wipers with some rubbing alcohol reduces the residual streaks on your windshield. Those annoying streaks can hinder your vision and be dangerous on the road.

Keep a small bottle of rubbing alcohol in your glove box, and apply it to your blades next time a storm comes. Your windshield and your eyes will thank you.

7. Re-sealable Cereal Container for Trash

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Plastic cereal containers are the perfect size to tuck away in your door panel to use a trash can. Since they can be sealed, they mask any unpleasant odors. They can also be emptied and washed in the dishwasher.

Using these containers is much easier and cleaner than using plastic bags, which can rip or open and cause a bigger mess.

8. Re-purpose Sanitizer Wipe Containers

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That tube of sanitizer wipes can be re-used to pack your plastic bags. Having a stash of plastic bags comes in handy for cleaning out trash, storing wet and soiled clothes, or when you need one for a random shopping trip.

The reusable tube keeps them all in one place, and it fits in your glove box when needed.

9. Use a Paintbrush to Clean Vents

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Air conditioning vents and small cracks can collect dirt and are extremely hard to clean. Expert car detailers avoid this problem by using fine paint brushes, which easily wipe out the dust that has accumulated in those small cracks.

Pick up a cheap children's paint brush set before you clean your air conditioning vents again for a better result.

10. Condition Leather Seats

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Leather seats require some preventive maintenance to last. If you don't take care of them, they can fade or crack. Your local auto store has all the leather conditioning products you need.

Keep wipes in your car and wipe the seats down each month or when you feel like they need them. It will keep your interior fresh and help with the car's resale value.

11. A Backseat Organizer

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All parents understand the importance of having an organizer to hold essential items. These organizers might include facial tissues, books, toys, juice boxes, and sanitizer wipes.

It only takes a few seconds to collect whatever has been tossed around inside the vehicle and return it to the box. You can also get one with a handle and bring it inside with you.

12. Invest in Seat Covers

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This might sound like an obvious idea, but many people overlook it. Seat covers are ideal for drivers with kids or pets because they can easily be removed and thrown in the washer. Once stains happen, it's difficult to get them out of a car's interior.

You don't want to scrub for hours to remove a stain when it can be easily avoided with a removable cover.

13. Keep Wipes in the Car

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The best way to keep your car clean is to attend to a spill right away. Having wipes on hand allows you to fix the issue right away instead of waiting until you get home or to the store.

Plus, if you have wipes handy in the glove box or center console, you can grab one and clean some surfaces while sitting in traffic or waiting to pick up your kids at school.

14. Have a Hand-held Vacuum

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If you let your kids eat in the car, this is a fantastic idea. We all know kids are messy, and crumbs are bound to appear.

Keep a mini vacuum in the car to pick up crumbs before they get into the crevices and cracks in the backseat. Find a model that's either cordless or plugs into the car's 12-volt outlet.

15. Get a Yearly Detail

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Getting a yearly detail is the best way to preserve your car. It's like taking your car to a spa where it can be pampered and treated for all it has done for you and your family.

Your vehicle will come out looking fresh and pristine, both inside and outside. Plus, a clean car is an incentive to start keeping on top of cleaning the car yourself.

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