When it comes to our family, we miss them all being up in Jersey, when you see something that reminds you of someone you know you have to get that for them. This happened recently, I was surfing the web and saw these awesome glasses and though perfect for Uncle Joey and my cousin Joey.



Stuck In Glass was the perfect glasses for them. As you see Uncle Joe has a bullet, he would go shooting with Uncle Russell and daddy and I thought he would love this glass. As for Joeys, he is a guitar player in a band and this was the perfect glass for him.

They have some of the most awesome looking glasses, and they are all different they come in wine, whiskey, shot glasses  and more, there is a glass for everyone, and your options are many. But why this glass and not any other one. Mind-bending line of handmade glassware that captures a piece of your character in every glass.

A family owned and run business and no two glasses are alike, every piece you see is  individually hand embedded through a painstaking process.  Whether you’re a shark at the poker table, an ace on the golf course or just a well-heeled wino, our handcrafted creations infuse a little bit of your personality into the very vessel you’re sipping from.



Handmade whiskey glass embedded with a REAL .308 caliber bullet, this whiskey glass accommodates a generous 10 oz pour and stands 3.5” tall and 2.75” in diameter, making it the only whiskey glass you will ever need.

A whiskey glass made for the real whiskey drinker… because a real whiskey drinker never shoots their whiskey, we drink our whiskey. Savor the quality of your whiskey with the .308 Bulletproof Whiskey Glass. Feel bulletproof when you're throwing back 100 proof. Bottoms up!



The perfect gift for the guitarist who makes ‘Free Bird’ look easy (or just thinks he does after a few drinks). The Shredder whiskey glass is crafted by hand with a guitar pick stuck right in the side.

The Shredder Whiskey Glass is made with a Genuine Guitar Pick. It accommodates a 10 OZ pour and stands 3.5” tall and 2.75” in diameter. Stuck In Glass products are handmade, no two are alike! Glasses are not dishwasher safe.

After years of trial and error, hundreds of broken glasses and a stiff drink or twenty, we created a mind-bending line of hand-blown glassware that captures a piece of your character in every glass.

if your a whiskey drinker, beer drinker, shot kind of person, or want some lemonade these glasses are for you they are so much nicer in person, check them out for yourself.


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