My nephew loves these cookies, and we are so happy that they are good and healthy for him.

The THINaddictives are chalk full of nuts and fruits. They are so flavorful and sweet that they really make me feel like I cam having a dessert yet without the guilt and all the calories.

I love that they are individually wrapped so I don’t overindulge, which would be easy to do because they are so yummy!

Nonni’s THINaddictives are a unique, tasty treat made with wholesome, antioxidant-rich ingredients like crunchy California almonds, savory pistachios, succulent cranberries and delicate cinnamon swirls. Nonni’s come in 3 delish falvors:

Each box has 6 packages of THINaddictives biscotti. Inside each of those 6 packages are 3 of the best tasting biscotti. AND ONLY 100 CALORIES!!! What else can you ask for! I loved them. They were delicious. Plus, I could have a sweet snack and not feels guilty about it.

Nonni’s couldn’t have named these better if they tried!!! THINaddictives are SO ADDICTIVE!!

Here is some info about Nonnis
So thin, soo crunchy… sooo addictive. THINaddictives almond thins are a cherished family recipe passed on from generation to generation.

What sets us apart from the rest of the competition (besides our great taste) is how we too work diligently to assure that no two THINaddictives cookies look exactly alike. We cherish the traditions of generations ago and combine them with today’s modern manufacturing abilities to bring these delicious low-calorie cookies to you and your family.


Head on over and check out Nonni’s for yourself, you will love them as much as we do! Connect with them on Facebook ,Twitter and Pinterest!

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