Hiking is a breathtaking experience for anyone who enjoys beautiful scenery combined with a thrilling experience. Because Norway is known for its incredible landscape and scenery, there are countless places to visit. So, if you’re wondering where to head to this year, here are the best Norway hiking destinations you should visit: 


Mountain Hikes 

Hiking through mountains allows you to experience different trails as you ascend and descend. In fact, it is extremely special because mountains come with height; once you’ve reached the top, they overlook an incredible landscape and give you the opportunity to see Norway from a completely different perspective and fall in love with it all over again. 


Here are a couple of destinations that will make it worth every step you take: 


One of the most iconic mountain hikes in Norway is Gaustatoppen. Many people even consider it to be the most beautiful mountain as it towers above the town of Rjukan at a magnificent height of 1,883 metres. It is very popular to the extent that over 100 thousand people make the hike up to the summit on a yearly basis to feast their eyes on a spectacular view that awaits them at the top. However, before embarking on your journey, you’ll need to find out more about how to get prepared for the hike, especially in terms of packaging knowledge. You’ll have to know what you would need to get the most out of this amazing experience. If you’re lucky and the weather is in your favor, you’ll get to see the astounding view of the coast, as well as parts of Sweden. From that height, you can see almost a sixth of Norway, making it an incredible sight that is totally worth the hike. 

The Queen’s Route

Another incredible hiking trail that should definitely be on the list of Norway hikes is the Queen’s Route. It’s a popular hiking trail between the historical fisherman’s villages Nyksund and Sto in the Vesteralen archipelago. You’ll get to experience an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean from a height of 400 meters above sea level on the round trip that the hiking route offers. You’ll always expose your eyes to the magnificent view of the white sand beaches of Skipssanden which is known to be one of the top spectacular views in Norway. 

Secret Hiking Trails 

If you’re looking to get off the beaten tracks and are more interested in hiking hidden gems that not many people tend to take and discover Norway from a different perspective, here are a few trails you should check out: 

  • The Triangle in Valle and Bygland 

If you’re looking for a route that isn’t as busy as the rest, but still offers mesmerizing views, then this one is just perfect. However, it should be known that this route requires a bit more physical activity than the rest and needs someone to be accustomed to walking long distances. It’s a 3-day trip, making it exciting for a long weekend as you get to pass by Setesdal Sheene and Setesdal Vesthei. Because the trail is partially hilly and has a lot of ascent and descent across mountains and sparkling water, the views are absolutely breathtaking. On the route, you’ll also pass by one of the oldest cottages and get to experience some of the oldest traditions in Norway. You’ll discover different species of birds and moths, geology and beautiful streams and river valleys that make your encounter with nature an awe-inspiring one. 

  • Saltfjellet and Svartisen 

If you’re looking for a 4-day hike that will take you through the lush areas of Norway, then this secret trail will be a perfect fit for you. It’s not only pet-friendly, as there are cabins that allow pets to stay with their owners, but also the wonderful thing about this hike is that Junkerdal National Park is home to an almost untouched natural area and was established to preserve it in 2004. Along the route, you’ll also come across one of the most favorite Norway accommodations in Argaladhytta. This is a rather easy hike as there are many stops with accommodation available if you feel like stopping for a rest and some parts can even be shortened by taking a cab instead to reduce the entire duration of the trip. However, you’ll still be surrounded by marvelous scenery that will take your breath away. 

There’s something about hiking that not only allows you to get familiar with nature and discover a whole other parts of Norway that you never knew existed, but also gives you a sense of adventure that comes with incredible rewards in terms of scenery and landscape. So, if you’re looking for exceptional hiking routes to try this year, these should definitely be at the top of your list.

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