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Noshi Paint

Have you ever had a hard time trying to get your children to eat their breakfast? Sometimes making airplane propeller sounds so they can be manipulated into trying out their food? That sounds so harsh but it’s the honest truth. Why can’t food be eye watering delicious and why can’t all food we eat taste delicious? But for kids why can’t it be fun? I don’t like arguing with my children trying to coax them to eat their food. Thank goodness for Noshi!

The Art is in the Food

Noshi is an edible organic Food Paint. What? Did you say paint? Yes I did! Well it’s actually organic fruit that is puréed. They are made to come in a package of three different edible colors with no added sugar, salt or preservatives. It is sold in a box of three tubes, because it mimics a paint set, like from an art store. Isn’t that clever? The children play with their food, because kids can use Noshi to decorate their meals first before eating them. It is a such a simple pleasure that packs so much fun and flavor.

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Yummy Flavors

Noshi packs are packaged in tubes. Each tube containing a different brightly-colored fruit puree. Flavors are red strawberry, yellow peach and purple-ish blue blueberry. The children love the sweet and citrus taste of these fruit. They don’t see eating as a chore but as playtime. I don’t mind the kids playing with their food, because Noshi is an exception.

Purée so Smooth

My kids love using Noshi for their pancakes. It’s fun to draw funny faces on their food. The tubes are easy to squeeze and the purée glides out smoothly. They aren’t messy to use, surprisingly because the tubes only squeeze out the amount you want. The kids feel more involved with their meals. Breakfast mealtimes for us are more fun! But these tubes can be used for more! They can be used for a summer treat as an ice cream topping. Kids can write their names across their ice-cream sundaes or on their peanut butter and Noshi sandwiches, as well as on bagels, and even oatmeal. The only limit is what kids imagine to paint on their food.

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