Summer time is here and we love to have barbeques and having gave up soda this couldn't come at a better time. I was super excited when QVC  asked me to do a review on this for father's day.

Devon loves to eat his ice pops and I figured out that he would love this made with his favorite juice, and we could freeze then and he can have them for days. And these would be great for a  treat after being in the pool all day. Many of the Nostalgia are made to entertain people and make the time fun, from pop corn machines, to fundus and so much more.

My brother-in-law is always making pina coladas   for him and my husband Ray , so this would be great for me and my sister to make some strawberry drinks without any alcohol we are none drinkers.

The Nostalgia Electrics Margarita and Slush Maker is built to make frozen drinks. Similar to a blender, this machine has the base unit with the motor, a large 64 ounce pitcher and a lid. The pitcher is one unit and cannot come apart like many blenders, but this is fine, as I never had an issue with cleaning it. This unit is built to crush and shave ice so it uses a different design than the traditional blender blades. The spinning metal plate has two swinging metal brackets that work to keep the ice moving while it crushes the cubes. The pitcher also has a spout to allow for easy pouring of drinks.

The owner's manual included many different recipes for fruit smoothies, frozen alcoholic drinks and more. I tried some of the recipes in the manual and some of my own creations. Our family loves fruit smoothies as they are a great healthy treat that the kids just love. The machine worked great in every instance. We all had a great time making things together.

.It shreds the ice perfectly well with no troubles. The spout is a wonderful design because you can leave it going at the same time as you fill up your glass so nothing has a chance to sink and you obtain the ideal consistency ….
….I like that this drink maker doubles as a beverage dispenser. You can “freshen up” the drink prior to pouring it to make certain you’re not getting the melted part ….
… The drink dispenser of the Nostalgia Electrics MSB-64 flows Generously when switched to open, so you’ll need a small learning curve to evade over flowing smaller cups ….
… It is a heafty kitchen machine. Does not give the impression of being inexpensive or plastic. Here it will be used for numerous parties to come!! ….

64-oz Margarita and Slush Drink Machine

Patented dual swivel system pulverizes and shaves ice, dispensing consistently smooth frozen drinks
Tank detaches from base for quick clean up
Makes up to 64-oz. worth of slushes, smoothies or blended drinks
Includes carrying bag with straps, front and side pocket
Convenient cord storage
See-through mixing chamber and lid
Can also be used in family rooms, dorm rooms, offices or club houses
Convenient on/off dial


You can by this machine at Amazon here – Nostalgia Electrics MSB-64 64-Ounce Margarita and Slush Maker

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