Nostalgic Toys and Games Making a Major Comeback

“It’s strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures,” notes author Ally Condie. Nostalgia is a fickle but friendly companion that we carry throughout our lifetimes. Regardless of their generation, a wide majority of individuals can currently revisit what was once popular in more than mere memories.

If you walk through the toy aisle at your local store, you may feel a familiar sentimental pang. Many toys and games from bygone days have gone through modern makeovers to appeal to a newfangled generation of kids. Today’s consumers continue to reach for old-school favorites, for the familiar that endures throughout this time of unknowns. Browse through this list of a few nostalgic toys and games making a major comeback.

Tamagotchi: Virtual Responsibility

Not every toy that once was a big seller comes back for younger generations to enjoy. However, if you grew up in the ’90s, you may remember owning this needy virtual pet toy that tested your parenting skills. Tamagotchis are back stateside—and this time come with the complimentary perk of their own app and camera.

This iconic digital pocket pet brand originates from Japan, with the brand launching new versions and products regularly—even a wearable smartwatch is on its way to the market soon. These egg-shaped devices are next-level nostalgic toys and games making a major comeback. Today’s younger generations can’t go wrong with their nifty combination of classic saudade and modern tech.

Kick Scooters: Micro-Mobility

Those of a particular age range may have rather fond memories of riding a scooter: the next best thing since bicycles. Those two-wheelers provided ultimate freedom in the neighborhood, letting kids scoot along sidewalks after school with friends. That particular perception makes a scooter seem like nothing more than a child’s toy—but present-day scooters are beneficial for all generations.

If you glance through a guide to motorized electric scooters, you can see how e–scooters differ from their non-powered siblings. Anyone can use these nostalgic mobility devices—either classic kickstart or battery-powered—for personal transport around town.

Play-Doh: The Slime Craze

Did you know Play-Doh was an accidental creation? The owner of a soap company created this iconic putty-like substance for cleaning wallpaper. The moldable putty eventually found its way to arts and crafts—and later on to school supplies. Numerous generations have enjoyed Play-Doh products since, and today’s kids are no exception. The most popular modern version of Play-Doh comes in the form of slime after the recent craze. That said, it still sticks onto carpets.

Truly, nothing is more fascinating and awe-inspiring than to watch trends in design, pop culture, fashion, and pastimes from our childhood cycle out and back into our lives. Who knows what the next decades will hold—or what will magically appear packaged with a dose of sweet nostalgia.

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