BustaSNACKS Flavored Popcorn and Cracked Candy

Not Your Average Snack Break - BustaSNACKS Flavored Popcorn and Cracked Candy

Tired of the same old snacks in your kitchen pantry? I have several favorite snacks that never seem to get boring, no matter how many times I eat them. But, I do love a good variety and am always excited to try new snacks. Here's a couple I've recently found, let me share them with you!

BustaSNACKS flavored popcorn and Cracked Candy are two of the most unique new snacks I've come across in a good while. Whether you crave salty or sweet, these are sure to delight your taste buds.

BustaSNACKS Flavored Popcorn

BustaSNACKS Busta POP! Honey Flavored BBQ Flavored Popcorn is a taste bud tantalizing pop of sweet, salty and savory. My tongue seriously can't decide what to make of it. I've never tasted a popcorn flavor like this before, ever. It's strangely addicting, though. This is one of those snacks that you crave but can't explain why exactly you crave it.

In addition to Honey BBQ, BustaPOP! comes in three other mouth-watering flavors: Buffalo Blast, Sriracha, and White Cheddar. I'm partial to white cheddar, myself, but my husband would probably love to try the Buffalo Blast variety.

The unique flavors aren't the only thing to love about this snack. It's also a healthier version of this type of snack as it's made with Himalayan Pink Salt, non-GMO corn, no trans fats and is gluten-free. So it's healthier for you than other snacks with absolutely no loss of delicious flavor. A perfect match!

Cracked Candy

Cracked Candy is a really unique candy that comes in a hinged tin in four flavors: Peppermint Ice, Cinnamon, Lemon Ice, and Mellow Orange. I love the Lemon Ice, it reminds me of eating Lemonheads candy. And the Mellow Orange reminds me of the fruit-flavored Certs candy that my Grandfather used to carry in his pocket all the time. My brother, sisters and I used to head straight for his pants pockets every time he visited looking for them.

All four flavors are equally awesome, it's hard to choose a favorite. So, I won't. And, luckily they are naturally sugar free, non-GMO, soy/wheat/gluten/dairy free, too. Sweetened with xylitol, they are diabetic friendly, as well. So, they are a great candy option for everyone!

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