We’ve all been in this position: having to think of a gift for someone you’re… not that close to. How do you get them a gift that says, “this made me think of you,” when you don’t really know what they like yet?

It doesn’t have to be that difficult! Even if you know something as simple as their favorite color or animal, you can find something to make them smile and show that you’re thinking of that special someone. Here’s 5 few suggestions to get you on the right track:



  1. Scented Candles

With the huge variety of scented candles available in nearly every store imaginable, you can never go wrong with gifting someone a candle! A candle is always a great decoration piece, and who would say no to something that makes their house smell better?


As far as selecting a scent: if you’re looking for something more masculine, go with woodsy, musky, earthy smells. For something more feminine, think floral, fruity, sweet smells. The best thing about a candle is that even if they don’t like the smell, it can always be used as coffee table décor!


  1. Phone Cases

While this might not be your first thought, phone cases can be an incredibly thoughtful gift! Phone cases are absolutely an extension of personal style. If you see a case that makes you think of your friend that definitely shows them that:

  1. You know enough about their style to try to pick an accessory for them
  2. They’ll think of you every time they use their phone!


Phone cases can be very affordable, come in infinite styles and colors, and can even be monogramed to add a personal touch! There are websites all over the internet with hundreds of amazing iPhone cases to choose from!


  1. Coffee Mugs

Do you always see this person with a thermos or iced beverage in hand? A coffee mug is an incredibly versatile gift, and can be dressed up to be quite a creative gift too! You can custom-make a coffee mug with a picture of you and your friend, or DIY a chalk/sharpie mug with a sweet message!


Coffee mugs can also be a great souvenir for someone if you travel a lot – most cities will have will have local mugs with pictures of the city on them. You can fill the coffee mug with a bag of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or candy to dress it up like a package!


  1. Photo Collage

Few things are more thoughtful and sentimental than a photo collage. Pictures can be printed from your phone from any drug store for pretty cheap, or you can even make a picture-book online!


This is a super affordable gift that can show your friend just how much you care about them. Because of how sentimental this gift is, it is best saved for a family member, close friend, or love interest—someone who you really want to make feel extra loved and appreciated! But a framed or printed photo has the potential to give a new acquaintance a nudge to start up a closer friendship.


  1. Variety of Food

You can never go wrong or make someone unhappy with a thoughtful batch of handmade cookies, brownies, or a delicious box of chocolates! This one does take some knowledge of the person—making sure they’re not allergic to what you’re trying to feed them—but generally speaking, most people love things like gourmet popcorn or chocolates!


Giving food is next level thoughtfulness, so your person will definitely feel appreciated.


Bottom Line


Finding a great gift for someone is always tricky, especially if you don’t know him or her very well. Just remember that it’s ok not to find the perfect gift: the important thing is just to show your person that you care about them! Any friend will simply be glad to know that you thought of them!







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