When it comes to great teeth, we all try and do whats the best. Brushing every day and making sure to floss and of course, see a dentist. But there are other ways to take care of your teeth, different toothbrushes and so many other things.


SmileDirectClub’s electric toothbrush is a powerful, premium metal toothbrush that cleans 50% better than a manual toothbrush — thanks to quiet, sonic vibration that moves bristles, not the handle. A 2-minute timer with quadrant timing ensures even brushing in the right areas for the right amount of time. The smart design is roll-resistant, to ensure the electric toothbrush stays put, and includes a versatile 3-in-1 case that works as a counter stand, a convenient mirror mount, and a travel-friendly cover.

This is one of the best toothbrushes I have been using and seeing a big difference in the way my teeth look and feel. I love that there is a timer so that you know you're doing each space the right amount of time. The toothbrush was very gentle on my teeth and gums. And my teeth felt nicely clean afterward. I love this toothbrush

SmileDirect Club Edition Toothbrush is worth trying, it doesn't hurt your teeth, and perfect if you're traveling you are able to take this with you.  It is also small and sleek so it fits anywhere.

My teeth actually feel cleaner, and my gums aren't raw. The curved shape of the bristle head helps clean all of the hard to reach places, with ease. And you can sign up to get replacement heads, so you are able to change them out.


While SmileDirectClub removes the hassle of in-office visits, we work with a network of 250+ duly licensed dentists and orthodontists to give you the peace-of-mind of professional treatment. Your SmileDirectClub affiliated, licensed dentist or orthodontist reviews your photos, medical history, and a 3D image of your smile before building your custom smile plan. And of course, our customer care specialists are available by phone, email, chat, and social media to answer any questions you might have. So, while the entire SmileDirectClub process can be done from the comfort of your home, you can rest assured you're never alone.


The Electric Toothbrush by Smile Direct Club is awesome. Great functions and performance.


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