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Nothing Says Winter Like Some Hot Chocolate


Now that the fall weather is here, nothing is better than a cup of cocoa,  I had the pleasure of getting Junior Mints from tootsie roll, and can I say this is like a cup of my favorite candy.  A very rich and creamy flavor that has that hint of the candy,

This was a cup in heaven, and it wasn’t too overpowering with sweetness, this had the right amount. Imagine the taste of that junior mints in a cup of cocoa. Theres no better taste them some belgian hot chocolate, it tastes so good.

When the seasons become colder I personally want some hot cocoa and knowing that there is the one I can have and not gain weight is perfect with just 70 calories per cup. This is great for sitting in front of the fire and relaxing. Reminds me of the candy we all know and loved as children, I still love them as an adult.


What’s so perfect about this cocoa, it’s blended with chocolate and that peppermint taste I have grown to love, like I am eating a box of them as I sip my cocoa.

Smooth and cool flavor going down and I was surprised at the taste, it wasn’t overpowering it was just right, now that the weather is getting cooler, it will be hot cocoa time I personally love it all year round, I am always cold sitting in my room.

And a cup of this perfect tasting hot cocoa will do the job of keeping me nice and warm.

I’m a coffee kind of girl but I do enjoy hot cocoa from time to time, but this will want me to come back for more. like I said the cool peppermint and the taste of chocolate who can ask for more. I love the way they combined my favorite tastes into one, there are so many flavors to choose from.

Enjoy this awesome lineup of hot cocoa based off of iconic chocolate brands. Each cup brews a perfect individual serving of velvety hot chocolate Candy made with real cocoa. Brew on low setting for extra creaminess.

Junior Mints Hot Cocoa

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