Nourish Bakery-For Your Family's Special Diet Needs

Let us help you take your diet Beyond Paleo. We want to be your family's first choice for premium baked goods, sauces, or other fine foods for gluten and grain free diets.

Nourish Bakery, the first of it's kind, was founded early in 2015 by a mom (just like you or me) whose daughter suffers from a number of auto-immune diseases. Her daughter requires a specialized diet that is gluten-free. Stacy Schlaman found herself overwhelmed by the process of providing her daughter with the kind of food that she needed, as it can be hard to find the ingredients, with cost-prohibitive ingredients and needing to be make from scratch. How she wished that there were options to simply purchase these kinds of foods the way that most of us can by walking into a store, filling her cart and bringing it home for her family.

She sought for and found help and comfort from other parents with family members with similar needs. But, it was still difficult having to make these foods herself. Her desire to make these foods commercially available to assist others drove she and her husband to purchase an old church in the country outside of Madison, Alabama. Renovations were completed to turn this space into the first commercial bakery to be a 100% dedicated grain and gluten-free facility.

In less than a year, Nourish Bakery is now selling many food products nationwide. While many may purchase items from this company due to the need for the specialized food production techniques, anyone who wishes to simply live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle is able to also purchase delicious food items through this unique retailer.

Nourish Bakery offers items such as breads, pizza crusts, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, crackers and cupcakes, along with their own special ketchup, pizza-pasta sauce and mayonnaise. However, they are open to (and in fact, encourage) suggestions be made for items that consumers would like to see added to their site as they are looking for sought-after items that there is a demand for from their clientele.

Check out a few items offered from Nourish Bakery:

Nourish Bakery-For Your Family's Special Diet Needs

 Nourish Bakery-For Your Family's Special Diet NeedsNourish Bakery-For Your Family's Special Diet NeedsNourish Bakery-For Your Family's Special Diet Needs

Don't these items look delicious? Many people fear that fluten-free or flourless food without processed items will not taste or look good. But, Nourish Bakery is here to set the record straight. The foods we all love can, and do, look and taste great!

Connect with (and purchase) Nourish Bakery items HERE.

Disclaimer: Free product samples were provided for purposes of review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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