My husband and I will fight over our pillows, and its funny because we have some of the flattest ones around. I am always on the look out for a chance to do a review on pillows. recently I was given the chance to review Novosbed’s Contour Memory Foam Pillow and can I say I was so excited, I have never had anything memory foam.

When the pillow came we were both excited and already fighting over who uses it. The pillow is something different I can say that and it feel great when you go to sleep, your head just feels right. We take turns using it and most nights its Ray. This is a great pillow it completely, supports our neck and head as we sleep. That way the muscles are all relaxed .

Another reason this pillow is so good is its not to firm and not to soft , the best kind of pillow that way its good for either of us. And it will never go flat a big plus for us, tired of using our pillows and they get flat. Then we fight over the best ones.

These pillows are the highest quality around and are cheaper then most memory pillows that are out there today. Ray keeps asking me whats next. Like I said this is our first memory foam and we love it .


Cover and Lining
Ultra-soft velour microfiber cover
Allergen and dust-mite resistant
Promotes good sleeping posture
Supports head and neck to allow muscles to relax completely
Promotes more restful sleep
At least 50% less expensive than comparable pillows

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