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Nursing in style

As a mother who has nursed all of her children, and is currently nursing her 4-month-old, I can attest to the fact that it is good to have a nursing cover handy. Unfortunately, society seems to take issue with a mother feeding her child in this matter, but I digress.

The problem with your standard nursing cover is that they don’t really work the way they claim too. Usually, they have a strap that goes around the neck, and a huge bib that’s meant to cover your baby while she eats. I really dislike them, because they never do what they should. The baby usually doesn’t like them and will push them aside. Or, you are of the larger chested population, and they don’t cover well from the side.

This becomes a non-issue, when you bring Cardimom by Multiwear, into the picture! This nursing cover is a sweater, that is large enough to cover your child AND you, without any parts peeping out.

nursing sweater

When you are done, just flip the front of the sweater, behind your head, and it becomes a cardigan! Style, comfort, and functionality, all in one! That’s exactly what this mama wants; it means I don’t have to go to the car; stay at home, or take her to the bathroom (ewww) if my baby needs to eat!

nursing sweater

There are several styles of the Cardimom available, including classic, jersey knit, and jersey tank (sleeveless option). There are also a variety of colors to choose from; solid or striped, like the one above. The great thing ab ou this sweater is that it isn’t limited to nursing. Once baby has weaned, it can continue to be used as a coverup for all sorts of activities; yoga, a night out, or for everyday use.

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