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Nutri ninja 2 in 1. This is a great product. I have head a lot about ninja. I have never used any of their kitchen products. You wonder if it really does chop the food or ice to little pieces. I have had a couple of blenders but nothing works as good as this. My son loves ices. So I figured what other way is there to test this nutri ninja. He has a icee maker. But, this did even better then that. The icee maker chops the ice but still leaves the ice in little chips.

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The nutri ninja actually chopped the ice up so well that it actually made a slushed just like you get in the stores. I decided I would play around and experiment with different foods. I had chopped a lot of stuff up and the nutri ninja chopped through everything. The only thing is do not over pack it or you will have to turn it over and try to move the food around so the blades can get to the stuff on top. Ninja® PRO extractor blades™ offer crushing power to break down frozen ingredients, ice, seeds, skins, stems and whole fruits allowing for smooth consistency. With the Nutri Ninja® Pro you can break down fruits, vegetables, greens, and seeds – all without requiring any liquid. It can also Blend frozen smoothies and

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desserts in seconds. It Leaves nothing left unprocessed with even and consistent chopping. The Nutri Ninja® Pro combines a 900 Watt motor with 21,000 RPM PRO extraction blades to power through the toughest ingredients. The Nutri Ninja® Pro provides both speed & power so that your drinks & meals can be made fast and leaving you with a silky smooth consistency!
The Nutri Ninja® Pro offers more versatility than a traditional blender due to the power, speed and technology of PRO extractor blades™. You can create endless recipes including nutrient rich drinks, frozen treats, soups, sauces, dips,
and more. It's also dishwasher safe. BPA free. For more information click here.

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