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NYC: Where To Eat In Noho


View of rooftop water tanks in the NoHo neighborhood of New York City.


South Houston (or Soho) is all about being a picture-perfect shopping street. However, its counterpart, North Houston, tries to be the exact opposite of it.

Bingo, you’ve guessed it right!

Noho, whether you believe it or not, is filled with a wide array of restaurants providing different types of delicacies.

However, seeing as how this location houses so many dining alternatives, we thought you’d probably like someone to guide you around.

Here it is.

In this article, you will find date-night restaurants, weeknight spots, and places where you can unwind by dunking in the sweetest of savories.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s jump into the rabbit hole right away!

The “Sweet” Spots To Look For In Noho

In this section, we will be listing down the spots you should look forward to while strolling down the streets of Noho. Let’s get started, then. 

The Smile 

The Smile is all about providing everyone with a vaguely-healthy treat in a vibrantly-vibey place. In our honest opinion, it’s a casual dining center where you could grab lunch while eavesdropping on people complaining about everything. 

The menu of The Smile consists of both American and Mediterranean dishes. However, if you can’t decide what to go for, we’ll suggest you try the restaurant’s spaghetti. In case you want a little more in the taste department, make sure to pair it up with a hand-crafted cocktail.


Contrary to The Smile, Honeybrains focuses more on curating healthy snacks than anything else. For example, if you are coming here for breakfast, you can opt for power oatmeal, egghead, or huevos rancheros. 

However, if you want to go for a little bit of snacking, you may also try out their special Blueberry Parfait or Honey Tahini Toast. 

Before we move on to the next option, we want to give the setting and ambiance of the place a hearty shoutout. It’s brilliant and perfect for a romantic date! 

Hecho En Dumbo

Have you always been a fanatic of Mexican fare? Then, take our word for it – you’re in for a treat in Hecho En Dumbo!

The restaurant follows an avant-garde sort of cooking style and focuses on offering a Latin twist on American fare. The decor of the restaurant is pretty simple, though. So, at the end of the day, it will all be about the food you’re ordering. 

If you’re coming here for the first time, we’ll suggest you try out their tortilla chips. Cramped in crunchiness, they’ll pair nicely with guacamole or something as such. 

Saxon + Parole 

Saxon + Parole is, in essence, an idiosyncratic, equestrian-themed locale providing toothsome American cuisine. The dining area is situated upstairs, boasting whitewashed walls alongside a minimalist background. It’s best for lunch, in our opinion. 

If you are all-in for an amorous dinner, make sure to head onto the wine cellar of Saxon + Parole. Also, while you’re at it, make sure to try out the hangar steak. Don’t forget to pair the same with their house whiskeys. You’ll surely love it, we’re sure of it. 


What do you get when you combine an intimate setting, ambient environment, and a spacious sitting composition? The Vic’s restaurant, of course! 

Unlike any of the aforementioned, this restaurant offers upscale Italian delicacy alongside a lip-smacking homemade limoncello. 

In this case, our suggestion would be to start the meal with heirloom carrots and burrata. Once you’re done relishing the same, you can move on to the main dish, cacio e pepe. 

It offers an ideal blend of pecorino, black pepper, and Parmigiano, which will definitely make you come here for a second time. 


The Bottom Line 

So, there you go – the five best places to visit if you want to give your tastebuds a sense of delicacy. However, as you can see, each of these restaurants is amazing in its own accord. 

Hence, we will ask you to go through their menu as meticulously as possible and choose one that’s suitable for the occasion. 

In our opinion, if you are looking for a romantic night out, make sure to opt for Vic’s; it’s brilliant in terms of the ambiance. However, when talking about a quick breakfast, Honeybrains will be the best of the bunch for you! 

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