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NYC Subway Line

In plenty of states now a days, they are all up for reusing and recycling, so plastic bags are out and grocery stores ask you to bring your own bags. Also at Farmer’s markets, it is wise for you to bring your own bag. What I love with the NYC Subway Line is that they offer a multitude of cute clothes, accessories, and bags! One of them is my favorite which is the Statue of Liberty Shopper’s Tote.

statue of liberty

Statue of Liberty Tote

I have been to New York and witnessing the grand scale of the Statue of Liberty just brings me to awe of how majestic she is to behold. So the Statue of Liberty Shopper’s Tote, sold by the NYC Subway Line is an exciting Tote that I am proud to own and show off whenever I go out to the store or just a hangout with friends. The Subway Line is also an exciting adventure that I recommend trying at least once. What I look for when I purchase bags and totes is the amount of room it has. This tote is so spacious! It is twenty-seven inches long and twenty-one inches wide. It is quite sturdy. I feel it can hold about three full size towels rolled up. It is made of nylon and is easy to wipe clean. I am in love with the close-up photograph of the Statue of Liberty. Kudos to Dawn Coen Photography! I can stare at the artwork for hours.

statue of liberty


Currently, this cute tote can only be shipped to the United States and Canada if you order one online. Father’s Day is around the corner, and I know any man would not mind using this tote for their groceries or as a go to bag to carry a few things when in a hurry. It is ideal to bring to the beach as well since it cleans off well. I love that it is foldable. You can keep this tote as extra storage inside your car or purse for the times you need something bigger on hand or when ready to check out at the store. You would fold the tote into three sections and then fold down into a small rectangle and tuck inside the top pocket. There is also two little strings with buttons that you can clamp together to create a hook, that you can attach onto your gear for secure keeping.

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