Have you ever been someplace and wished your big bottle of perfume could fit in your bag, OBO is the newest way to carry around some perfume. This is basically a pearl of fragrance that revolutionizes the way we wear or perfume , created by some of Frances finest perfumers.

And the best thing yet is these pearls can be worn as either a bracelet or a pendant, and no one would ever think anything else looking at it.

Every story and identity of each pearl is unique and the colors are chosen by the perfumers and it all depends on the fragrance that they create.

The pearls are made of glass , a silver finishing and a hyperalgentic finishing.


Created by French perfumers Anne-Sophie Behaghel et Amélie Bourgeois from FLAIR.
An olfactive palette accompanying your day


The hottest hours, burning sun and cyan-saturated sky… Black pepper, Pink pepper, White thyme
Zesty freshness, glass against glass… Granny Smith apple, Cashmere wood, Sunny jasmine


Solar Epilogue
The orange fades, the day draws to a close… Petitgrain, Oregano, Neroli
Twilight fusion, the warmth of the day gives way to dusk… Ylang, White musks, Sambac Jasmine


Bathed in moonlight, the murmuring silence, osmosis… Juniper, Olibanum, Rose oxide
White light, black night, delirium, madness… Iris, Labdanum, Piri Piri

The OBO team has honed a unique olfactive profiling model, through which, your personality is guided towards a fragrance to fuse your skin.

OBO are pearls of fragrance in motion which revolutionize the way you wear perfume. The pearls are worn like a jewel on a bracelet or a pendant

This would be something I would love to have and use. To learn more about OBO you can do so here.

On their  Indiegogo page, you will find a video explaining how OBO works:

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