Dinnertime is very important to me and my family. We always eat dinner together.  I am kind of obsessed with getting the food on the table too, so I am one of those people who love kitchen gadgets and love dinnerware.

When I eat dinner, I like my food to be on nice plates.  I think that eating on a nice plate makes the food more enjoyable.  I do not know why, but I always look for place settings that I like the color/style/decorations/etc.  Now somebody once said that the food covers the plate so what is the big deal but I don't know, it is just a quirk that I have that if I like a certain plate style or look that is the one I want to eat off of.

Mikasa has been a name I have heard about a lot but I would never even dream to even look at them because I always thought they were out of my price range and for people who had a lot of money, which I most certainly do not.  I did  notice they had a new line out which I fell in love with the colors.  The dinnerware is 16 pieces, so service for 4, and comes in colors such as Adventura Blue, Monterey Green, and Coronado Graphite.  I have to admit I fell in love with the Coronado Graphite, and I just knew I had to be eating off of it.  It immediately caught my eye.  The other two colors are gorgeous too, and I was oohing and aahing over them like they were new babies until I saw the Coronado Graphite color, and then I was instantly like THIS IS IT! I just love all the colors it throws off.  They also have individual platters and bowls you can purchase to complement your dinnerware.  Nothing looks nicer on the table!

Of course, I am not only crazy about dinnerware, but I am the queen of kitchen gadgets.  I love everything about gadgets, anything that makes my life easier I am on that train.  Even if I think I MIGHT need it, I get it.  I am not that hard to tempt with things.  Kitchen gadgets are my downfall though.  I don't know why, but just something about them gets me every time.  Here are some different gadgets that make my life easier

KitchenAid No Mess No Stress Rotary Grater (Features cap on the side to keep grated contents in, so that it is easy to transport grated food to the table or the meal.) This is great for when I have pasta and grate my cheese.  I can have people put the chunks in and do it right at the table.  Plus it doesn't get everywhere because when they are done grating they open the side and pour it on!

KitchenAid No Mess No Stress Citrus Squeezer (Designed to sit on a counter during use. The head is designed to hold the squeezed juice in the base of the hopper, leaving pulp and pits in the strainer.)  This is a must for me because I use lemon juice in many recipes and I always use fresh lemons, but no matter how hard I try I always end up getting pits in with the juice –  not anymore!

Westblade Citrus Zester (Helps to create fragrant, flavorful zest from the surface of citrus peels (without the bitter pith). (Features tineless blades that allow you to zest in both directions.)  Just a side  note, you would not believe  how much I zest – it was my new discovery and this was wonderful to find!

Williams Sonoma West Blade Soft Touch Box Grater (Cutting surfaces include two coarse blades and a small and large flake blade. Soft touch handle on the top along with a nonslip base makes grating easy.) This is my go to when I have big things to grate or doing a recipe where I just want quick to grate and finish up without the extra steps.


Another thing I cannot do without is my Midea Rice Cooker.  I know people think of rice cookers and think they only cook rice, but that is totally untrue.  Not only do I use my rice cooker for rice (duh) but I use it for quinoa.  I make a lot of quinoa salads. You can also do oatmeal and I am sure pretty much any other grain. Not only that, but you can steam vegetables and shrimp or fish or anything that you want to be steamed pretty much.  My favorite thing is that it keeps the food warm because no matter how hard I try I can never perfectly plan out where everything gets done at the right time. I think that I always assume things will take me longer to actually do and it ends up sitting there until the rest is done.  Now I can do it whenever because I know it will stay warm!

Now with all my kitchen gadgets, many are electric and I need to plug them in.  My one frustration with that is on my kitchen table where my plug is it is kind of behind some shelves and it never fails that in the middle of whatever I am using the plug will come out because I had to pull on it or what have you.  Now you would think that would be limited to my vacuuming (every single time) but no, I manage to tug or pull or trip or figure out a way to make the plug come loose which means I have to stop what I am doing, plug it back in, and then resume what I am doing. Since I cannot take down the shelving because it would not be practical and I cannot move the outlet because that would take rewiring, I was so pleased to find the Lock In Plug.  I put it into my outlet and then I plug whatever into that, and it locks it until it is released, so my plug stays in.  Nothing is  more frustrating than having to stop, especially when vacuuming! Of course, this gadget is not really just for the kitchen, it can be used anywhere so nothing will come unplugged.  This is especially good for loose plugs to keep them put.

Are you obsessed with kitchen gadgets too or need new service? Then check these out! I can't be the only one!


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  1. Oh my gosh. I need more drawers and cupboards in my kitchen. SO many gadgets that make cooking easier. Those dishes you picture above are so pretty!

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