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I haven't been lucky with finding shoes that actually stay on my feet. Shoes that are comfortable when walking and that hug my feet so they don't slip off when I walk. I have spent countless amount of dollars trying on various shoes and so far, I just end up wasting my money. Buying shoes and then wearing them only once or twice before they get stored away and pushed to the back of my closet. Or I either toss them in the donation pile. I hate the feeling of thinking that I finally found A grade shoes to compliment my lifestyle only to discover at the end they hurt and are very uncomfortable. Eureka! OESH shoes has lifted my spirits, because they are not only amazing, but they have such bouncy soles that make me feel like I am walking on bubbles.

Comfortable Soles

OESH shoes are designed with medical science. They make foot wearers feel that their body is different. Their shoes are roomy and build core foot strength. They are shoes made by women for women. Thank God by that, because they know what is to be expected when the shoes are actually worn on a day to day basis. I love my OESH shoes and I am going to wear them everywhere.


The Dream Ruby Red OESH shoes are so pretty! I love red, because the color is a statement by itself. The Dream shoe is the first dress shoe that tends to a woman's body and her foot shape. It was navigated by Dr. Kerrigan who has seen that active women need to still feel pain free at the end of a long day as well as look cute too in their shoes. I know for a fact that I do not want to look like an old grandma wearing old ladies shoes if I don't have to. Where can I get comfy as well as classy? Well from OESH, duh!

Designed for Activity

The Dream shoe has a very squishy sole that is like a self powered bounce in every step taken. Besides having an amazing sole, I love the fabric that it is made of. Feeling like it is a unique stretchy sock. Something knitted and that is stretchy. Hugging your foot and stays on your feet. It is like a good pair of spandex pants but for your feet! It allows for comfortable and active movement.

The beauty of the design is the way the shoe curves into the foot creating a hug on the heal. Have you ever worn lose shoes? And every time you walked the shoe would slip off the back of your feet and plop down on the ground? That is such an annoying feeling! Shoes that do that to me just make their way immediately to the trash. But with OESH, I never felt that way. Even if I walked up hill or down hill, the shoes stayed on my feet!


I just love my OESH Dream shoes, because I can take them from mom during the day to mom's night out during the evening. They look so cute with my denim pants. With feet that are still relaxed even after wearing them all day long. Some toes do show their silhouette at the front of the shoe, but that is given with the knit like frame of the shoe. I don't mind it at all.

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