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Office Design and Furniture Ideas to Improve Productivity



Everything around you portray your personality and taste for life. The way you are dressed, the way you behave, the way you manage your work area etc. It involves many factors like perfect office interior, furniture, behavior and environment will be a successful combo. For increasing productivity among your employees and other stakeholders, the right office designs play a vital role. It also enhances the company’s culture. If you hunt most successful entrepreneurs, their office work areas are designed in a way where employees feel satisfied, impetus and high on energy.

Research shows that a user-friendly creative office design enhances a worker’s performance by 20%. Being a head, you want your brand area to look perfect. One of the job satisfaction factors is satisfaction with the work environment.  If you need the best ideas for furniture and office designs, find an URL that will provide you the best custom ideas for ergonomic tables, chair, storage and many more. It has its own Office Interiors furniture catalogue which contains designs in bulk across a broad range of categories. They will assist you in selecting the right option.

The best office designs lead to?

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased innovation
  • Better self-confidence
  • Successful teamwork

Let’s have a look what kind of ideas we can opt for this purpose:

1. Spot Existing Design issues

If you are going to redesign and at the planning stage you must look around to carve out problems that already people are facing in the organization. You may ask your employees the following questions to pinpoint the issues.

  • Employees satisfied with the work environment?
  • Time workmen spend in front of a desk?

      –     Space they need to accommodate office tools?

 2. Proper Lighting beam

In order to keep your employees, feel focused and not suffering from any health issues. Try to maximize lighting to improve productivity by using high beam LED lights. Make sure the layout will be designed in a way your employees get natural light as well.

Bad lighting can cause:

  • Eyestrain
  • Neuralgia
  • Drowsiness
  • Bad temper

Make use the layout will be designed in a way your employees get natural light

3. Dejunk & Add Proper Storage

Workplace is not only an area where you provide services to your clients. It’s like another home and face of your business. There are piles of papers and files that never get assorted. The place where we stay for long should be clean and tidy and for that you need proper storage areas, cabins and cabinets. The best way to organize piles is to add proper storage.

4. Keep it Open-space

There should be an open-plan structure where there is no hindrance in communicating with other colleagues. Barriers among them should be dismantled. It helps in building relationships with their team workers. According to the Workplace Regulations 1992, each employer should have at least 40 square feet to work in. Furniture should not be huge because employees want space around them to walk for a while to refresh their minds. Floors should be clutter free.

5. Color selection

Color is something that everyone notices at once. It can have a big impact on how we think and feel. ‘Color psychology’ is used to determine it. Neutral and light shades grab attention. Dark colors tend to make the area look narrow and it doesn’t open up your mind. Modern offices tend to use a combination of bold and neutral shades for the analogous finish.

6. Light weight and mobile furniture

If you have limited space then mobile furniture will surely be the perfect option. You may change the placement of your desks and storages according to the requirement. This can be done only if you have movable and light weight furniture.

 7. Bring some nature

There should be the right placement of harmless plants inside your workplace. Your workers will feel fresh even in a stressful environment. Some plants throw positive vibes around you while having a beautiful and pleasant fragrance. It’s one of best ideas to increase productivity.

8. Cafeteria corner

Our brain needs nourishment to keep going, especially when we are performing complex tasks. There should be proper cafeteria and it should be designed in dark and eye-catching colors and must have furniture accordingly.


When you are at your dedicated desk and workplace, it’s important that your workplace is set up in a way that makes you feel productive. Even minor modifications can make a huge difference. Increased Productivity is the result of your perfect work environment. Your office is your center of work. Make it one that inspires you to innovate, challenge yourself, and work smarter.