Olivia garden hair brushes are used by professionals. I was given the chance to do a review on three out of the collection. I have a brush I like but, the problem I have is it's always full with hair. I get so upset when I see my hair left in the brush. So I have been on the look out for a new brush. I usually do not do much with my hair. I either put it in a pony tail or leave it down and curly.
The first brush is the Divine. It is a dry hair set angling brush. The brush has superior styling results. I noticed that the brush reduced stress on my wrist while brushing. I had total styling control. Has a comfortable soft cushion under the bristles to be gentle on my hair and scalp. This brush is great for all hair types. Gives you total styling control.

The next brush is the finger brush. The special curve shape hugs your scalp for great comfort and superior styling control. The brush has a unique vented design for super fast drying. Each line of bristles is like fingers running through your hair. The ball point tips are also gentle on your scalp. Leaves a smooth shiny finish. This brush eliminates frizz and flyways. This brush has a unique handle design made to hold more comfortably. It's lightweight. And has a ergonomic handle. Also has a retractable section inch pick inserted into the handle.

This brush is the latest of ceramic technology. The ceramic coated barrel heats up faster and retains heat longer for more superior and long lasting hairstyles. With the new turbo barrel with extra large vents for greater air flow, which reduces drying time. This brush has tourmaline technology. Hydrates the hair cuticle. Adds more shine to the hair. Eliminates frizz and flyaways. Anti static. Unique bristle design. Special wavy heat resistant bristles. Soft tip that is gentle on your hair and scalp. Has nano silver technology. Provides anti bacterial protection. Hair is healthier and easier to style. Unique handle design. Has retractable section inch pick in the handle. Snag free ring. Easy to grip ergonomic handle. For more information click here.

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