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On the Go with BUILT

We are an active family that is constantly on the go. Now with school starting, we are even busier! Between dropping kids off at school, practices, after-school activities and life I often find myself on the go during meal times. Instead of swinging through the drive-thru and picking up a greasy, calorie-laden meal I’m using BUILT to help keep us on track.

BUILT Freezable Wine and Champagne BagBUILT has a complete line of products to help you bring your food and beverages with you no matter where you go. One of my favorite BUILT products is the Freezable Wine and Champagne bag. Now, I’m not using it for wine or champagne but it sure does keep a huge bottle of water cold! Or even soda or juice for a picnic. Think about all those afternoons and evening you’re going to be sitting at practices, games or meets. It sure would be nice to have a way to keep your drink of choice cold. Plus the bag has sturdy handles making it easy to carry!

BUILT Freezable Wine and Champagne BagMy other favorite BUILT product is the Gourmet Deluxe Bento Lunch Box. Everything you need is in this baby! It comes with an ice pack to keep your food cold, fork, spoon and knife plus a dressing container! The deluxe bento lunch box is perfect for moms who want to eat healthy while on the go or for keeping a snack for kids while on the go.

BUILT Deluxe Bento Lunch BoxI’ve used the deluxe bento lunch box to keep my own lunch cold for work and I’ve used it for my daughter when she’s had a long day and I knew she would want food the second I picked her up. It worked well for keeping my salad cold and I loved having real metal silverware to use when eating! For my daughter, I packed her a sandwich, cheese, crackers and some fruit. The nice part about this bento box is there are three wells so it kept all her food separate while keeping it cool! But when I used it I took the dividers out and made one big dish to hold my salad! You can use both dividers, 1 divider or no divider. It’s really up to you and what your space requirements are at the time.

BUILT has a complete line of food storage solutions to help keep you happy while on the go. Check out the complete line of offering at BUILT online.

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