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On the Rocks Jam

It’s so sad as an adult to become too busy with life. Then, not be able to go to a restaurant for brunch. I love getting ready and going out to eat on the weekend mornings. Sometimes, life as a mother of two and a household to run with pets makes it almost difficult at times. I know I can buy my own orange juice and champagne for a mimosa to drink at home. What if there was an alternative? What about savory jam that was a delicious concoction of fruit and great tasting liquor? On the Rocks Jam is the alternative!

Fruity and Boozy

What am I talking about? Well, On the Rocks Jams is a gourmet blend of yummy cocktail type jams. Yes, they have booze in them! A winner for grown ups who need a pick me up without the hassle of going out to a restaurant. Instead, still feeling like they could be at your favorite restaurant, but in the comforts of home. On the Rocks Jams offer classic style jams with premium liquor. The fruits used in the jams are assured to be fresh and sweet!

What I love about On the Rocks Jams, is that the flavors and combinations are so delicious. They can be used for more than toast! Cakes can have them instead of using icing. They can be used as dips with cream cheese and eaten with cocktail crackers. I definitely have my favorites. It is very hard for me to put down the, Taste of Jazz Sangria flavored jam. I really love its sweetness of strawberries, grapes, apples, and raspberries.

The rum and wine used in this jam is the perfect amount in comparison with the sweetness. You can definitely taste the booze and you will love it. I spread it on my toast with a little bit of butter and it becomes a delicious treat. I think filling your favorite donuts with these jams for a morning pick me up is a fun way of getting the day started too.


On the Rocks Jams has lots of great flavor combinations! There are a total of eleven great flavors. The rest of these yummy delicious flavors are: raspberry mimosa, strawberry daiquiri, watermelon lemonade margarita, strawberry margarita, peach mango moscato, peach bellini jam, aloha screwdriver, night in pearis, the big apple, and patron paradise. One thing they all have in common is that they are all very delicious. I just love waking up to know that I am able to grab a jar, which come in three different sizes; small, medium or large. Then, enjoy an adult beverage in a literal and nonliteral way! LOL! Just make sure to pop them in the fridge once they have been opened to make them last. Eating the jams cold is just the way I like it.

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