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One by Wacom a Digital Drawing Tablet with a Precision Pen

Digital Creativity

My children love to draw and doodle. It’s their past time and they do enjoy sketching on actual pen and paper but sometimes they need that edge where they can use their Chromebook and a digital pen to create artwork they like on their devices. I am enthusiastic in discovering One by Wacom.

One by Wacom

One by Wacom, is a drawing tablet. The device is very easy to use. It allows a person to have natural movements of the hand without using a mouse to click, type, or edit. My children are students so they can use the tablet and a digital pen to draw, edit, and do homework assignments rather more fluently as if they were using actual pen and paper. It is ideal for those who like free movements with their hand.

Drawing Tablet

The drawing tablet works by connecting to your device with a very easy plug-in, the USB-A. A driver needs to be installed by going to Wacom.com/start/one and you can find the software compatible with Mac OS 10.10, PC Windows 7 and above and Chromebooks with the latest Chrome OS. The directions are pretty straightforward and user friendly. The beauty of the Wacom drawing tablet is that it does not require any additional batteries or charging mechanisms.

Once you connect the One by Wacom drawing tablet, you will be able to make your configurations to your liking. You can choose right handed or left handed settings and pen switch button settings. There are tutorials online to make understanding your device easier. The device would work perfect in a classroom setting so teachers and students can collaborate on assignments as if they were handwriting them. There are bundles that can be downloaded that would be compatible with the One, such as Collaboard, Explain Everything, and Kami.

Stylus Pen

The pen is battery-free as well. It is pressure-sensitive and is very easy to use. I like that it is comfortable in the hand, and feels like a real pen writing on paper. It is designed with electromagnetic pen technology providing that accuracy that is needed. The tablet comes with three spare replacement Nibs for your pen. The Nibs are very simple to install and match perfectly with the movement of the pen.

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