. If you are pregnant and your pants won't button this is your answer. Just loop the OOPSIE LOOPSIE like directed and in mere seconds you have added an extension to your waistband. If you have just gained a few pounds these will also work out great, or if you are like me they were dried to long and I just can't strech them to button them. I remember when I was much younger and I would have to actually lay down so that I could button the button on my favorite jeans! This is one of the best things I have seen in a long time! Kristin & Anna have really solved a big problem.
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Oopsie Loopsie was started by two sister-in-laws who were ready to get into their normal size pants after giving birth to multiple children. I think all pregnant women want this. Maternity clothing is so high anyway. When your having a baby, you need to save all the money you can. And you know ME, I’m all about saving money and finding the best deal. This is a good deal

It's a single stretchy piece heat sealed in two loops that's small enough to keep in your pocket for use when you need it.

Each package contains 4 Loopsies in 2 different sizes to meet the needs of various button types and various stages of weight loss or gain. Experiment and see which one works best for your jeans, khakis, or skirt buttons. Both peach polka dot and denim styles are included.

I’m not pregnant, but I am one of the gazillion women who have pants in their wardrobe that would take a vice to get buttoned. I tried it one night over a long shirt and I was good to go. I was really comfortable. I was also pleasantly surprised at the ease of looping it during bathroom breaks! That’s a must for our preggo moms.

I think you all should check out oopsieloopsie and get a set. Just promise not to pull out those holy high school jeans.. k?

you can purchase one of these Oopsie Loopsies with this link!


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