This Father’s Day give a gift that will last all year, give dad the special gift of a beautiful smile with the Oral-B BLACK 7000 power brush. Engineered to perform, the BLACK 7000 is Oral-B’s most sophisticated and technologically advanced power brush to-date that provides superior plaque removal and improves gum health

I have used an electric toothbrush for years. It's decent but I have always had the feeling there is something better out there. When I first heard from Oral-B, I was impressed. Not only did I find out about their incredible Black 7000 toothbrush, but I also saw that they are making sure that dads get recognized for what they do for and what they mean to their kids. And I wanted to get it for my man, he does so much for me and he deserves something nice, and well I have one.

I was very excited to try out this new Oral-B Black 7000 Toothbrush. Why, because this toothbrush provides a bit of everything for anyone, no matter what your dental health situation. When this first came he was impressed by the sleek design as well as all of the other bells and whistles that the toothbrush offered.

This toothbrush has a number of settings that will help any person no matter what issues you are dealing with. Whether you have sensitive teeth, you need a regular toothbrush, you want deeper cleaning, or you need some massaging action on your gums or other areas this toothbrush does it all. I have loved that it comes with a timer that will break your teeth

ou get six customisable functions on the toothbrush: Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Whitening, Massage, Sensitive and Tongue Cleaning. That’s one feature mode more than last time, with tongue cleansing the new entrant.

There’s also a sensor built into the handle which flashes red and slows the RPM of the toothbrush if it catches you pushing too hard. Don’t want to damage those pearly whites after all.

That teeth training continues outside of the brush as well, with the revamped SmartGuide timer telling you all the vital stats you ever wanted to know about how you brush your teeth. It gives you a timer and a star rating to track how you’re brushing your chompers, and it really ensures you get the right sort of mouth care when in front of the bathroom mirror.

The Black is no slouch when it comes to battery either, giving around six to seven days worth of use (morning and night) before needing to be recharged.

As far as design is concerned, the Black looks more like a spy gadget than a toothbrush. It has a black handle with silver accents, inset in a galvanised body with blue LEDs inset under the buttons.

You’ve also got a luxury carry case to cart your toothbrush around in, making it great for travel.

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