Who likes to take their toothbrushes when you go away, I hate it because you never know what will get on it. It really makes me freak out to think that something got on it. So when Violife contacted me about doing a review I jumped at it.

Violife is a leader when it comes to providing us with the perfect products to keep our oral health up to speed. They’ve created UV Sanitizers that eliminate 99.9 % of the germs that would otherwise still be on our rinsed toothbrush. These germs are disease-causing and could potentially affect our health. I thought it was interesting and alarming to learn that when you flush with the toilet lid open, bacteria and viruses falling from toilet spray become airborne and could float straight to your toothbrush.

They say the average toothbrush can contain 10 million bacteria or more, and that includes harmful ones like E. Coli and staff. The inside of our mouth is teeming with good and bad bacteria. In fact, over 700 different strains of bacteria have been detected in human mouths, although most people only host anywhere from 30 – 70 different varieties. Can you imagine all those germs in our mouth.

this is the best thing in the world, besides having its own toothbrush you can carry it with you everywhere, and now when I travel I just take this with me and my husbands tooth-brush and im able to clean it daily. We are very happy with this and love it.

And we also received the Slim Sonic Toothbrush

The Slim Sonic Toothbrush is available in even more colors and patterns than ever. My first Violife sonic toothbrush was plain pink. I thought they are cute. The Slim Sonic Portable Electric Toothbrush is the first electric, portable toothbrush with a snap-on vented mascara-style cap, making it great for carrying in your purse, backpack, briefcase, or tote bag. This toothbrush operates with one AAA battery and vibrates at 22,000 brush strokes per minute. Love that I can carry it in my purse or my bag .

The nice people are giving one of my readers, the chance to win the same things I have reviews. All you have to do is enter below .

These are very stylish and my step daughter loved hers and started using it right away without complaints. My teeth felt very clean after using the Slim Sonic Portable Electric Toothbrush for the first time. Love how it works and does what you think it should.

The nice people at Violife are going to give one of my lucky readers, a chance to win these two items I received all you have to do is enter below and good luck.

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  1. this is an excellent product!

  2. I have wanted one of these for a long time. When I used to travel with my truck driver husband, I dreamed of how it would keep our tooth brushes germ free in all those public drivers bathrooms and showers. Now I dream of using it to clean all the tooth brushes I keep here for my grandchildren. Let’s face it, an abscess is no fun.

  3. Melissa S says:

    If I won the giveaway I would give the prize pack to my son, he could really use them.

  4. Robert Brown says:

    This would be great for my travels.

  5. chrissy c says:

    I would give his to my daughter to use!

  6. chrissy c says:

    I would give this to my daughter!

  7. chrissy c says:

    My daughter would use this!

  8. Teresa Thompson says:

    I would use it.

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