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Following an organic diet now is quite popular. It’s a way of eating that means avoiding anything that isn’t grown completely naturally.  That means no pesticides or insecticides can have been used in the growing process. The idea is that this keeps foods as pure and as nutritious for your body as possible.

If you do follow an organic diet, the chances are you will want to pass this onto your kids. With our amazingly wide range of food and drink on the market now, it’s possible to raise a baby right from day one on a wholly organic diet. Kid’s won’t notice the difference between organic and non-organic snacks – their only interest is how it tastes!


Newborns survive pretty much solely on milk and formula for the first few months of their lives. You might not have realised, but organic formulas do exist! Formulas like holle formula are proving to be very popular with new mums. These formulas are made without any additives or pesticides being used. The cows used to produce the milk are raised in particular fields with controlled conditions and fed specific foods to keep things organic. This is a safe and healthy way to start your baby on organic food.


Babies usually transition to baby food when they are about four months old. A good indicator of when they are ready is when their weight has roughly doubled since their birth weight. Your little one can start exploring their taste buds fully with new kinds of mashed and pureed foods. They will be experiencing new textures all the time and figuring out what they like. You can introduce them to all sorts of different organic baby foods, like this delicious organic fruit puree.  There are plenty of options of sweet and savoury organic baby food available online. Choose the baby food that corresponds to your baby’s age and just watch them get stuck in to the organic goodness!


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Your little one will be much more open to trying new foods now and will be eating a lot of finger foods. They might have a real sweet tooth in which case you could just let them chomp away on a whole host of organic fruit from your weekly food haul. For something a bit more filling and adventurous, you don’t need to look far. You can get things like miniature cheese and tomato pizzas made from only organic ingredients. Or even some crispy corn snacks and natural graham crackers from helpful websites like this. The possibilities really are endless.

Don’t waste time being concerned about whether it is difficult or not to find organic foods for babies and toddlers. There is plenty of choice everywhere you look, so just concentrate on keeping your little one as happy and healthy as possible! This will leave time for you to indulge in a little me-time as well with a pamper day or makeover. Read these tips on the essential cosmetics kit every mum needs to keep up the glam on the go.




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