This was the perfect paint set! The paint goes on smooth, has excellent coverage, and can even be used the most sensitive faces. I also love that SweetColors uses gave us the palette to create endless color combinations.

This is great for my younger nieces birthday party, she and her friends are going to have such a great time. . The colors are nice and vibrant. I love when I find a product that is not tested on animals! It is also vegan and made in the USA, which is safer than products made outside of the states. It gives you a piece of mind knowing how safe it is.

The paint washes off easily, doesn't stain and you don't have to worry about toxic chemicals being absorbed thru skin. There was lots of the face paint left when the party was done.. So a little really does go a long way.. I really liked the fact that it was organic and none of the kids had any problems with outbreaks on their skin at all

The paint is lead-free, contains No Micronized Minerals, No Coated Minerals, No Preservatives, No Talc, No Synthetic Dyes, No Parabens, and No Oxychloride. I particularly love that this product is not tested on animals either. The kids loved it and it didn't give the a rash when it was time to take it off.


SweetColors uses gave us the palette to create endless color combinations, so now you will be able to make and see new and virate color matches for your desins. They are all so pretty and all of the kids enjoyed this and so did I.

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