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Organizing Jewelry Has Never Been Easier! #Giveaway



Jewelry. Goes in jewelry boxes, right? Well, that’s where I kept mine. Digging through all the stuff looking for the piece I had in mind, only to be frustrated because I could not seem to locate it or in the case of necklaces it being all kinked up from sitting in the jewelry box or worse, being tangled up with other necklaces/bracelets and my having to spend so much time trying to untangle them. It made me not want to ever wear jewelry because it just wasn’t worth the time or effort it would take me. Don’t even get me started on earrings and finding one but not the match. Every. Single. Time!

Longstem Organizers eliminate all those problems. Everything is within reach, visible, and no getting tangled up with other jewelry or getting kinked from just laying there because it hangs. They have corner organizers, tabletop organizers, wall mounted jewelry valets, and if you are thinking that is just great but you really do not have room in a corner or on a wall or on top of any dressers and you are limited in space they have ones that hang over your door so you can hang it over your bedroom door or closet door and it is out of the way, taking up no room, and everything is there in front of you at your disposal! The organizer can hold 300 pieces so there is plenty of room for everything. They even have a neat video you can watch.


Being able to see everything saves me time and I can locate things easily. My earrings do not drop to the bottom and get scattered so I have to play hide and go seek with the match to my earring, they are right there next to each other in plain sight. No more detangling my ankle bracelets from my bracelets from my necklaces. I do not even know how they get tangled, as careful as I place them they still manage to find a way. The fact that they have an organizer that fits right over my door is a lifesaver as I don’t need to worry about making room for anything, after all, I already have a door! Talk about a space saver.


They have smaller ones in the shape of a heart, star, or clover – perfect for my young daughter who does not have as much jewelry as me but does wear it and when she does, guess who is always stuck untangling?  Plus the fact that let’s face it- when they are young they are not as careful when placing their jewelry in a jewelry box and just throw it in and close it, or worse yet, they don’t even put it in the jewelry box.  Who knows where they put it? In a drawer? On a dresser? All I know if I’m the one who needs to find it when they are looking for it!  This eliminates that and they can just hang the jewelry up and everything is right there visible and easy to find.

They also have men’s organizers, so if your man is just as frustrated with not being able to locate certain ties or belts when he needs them or misplaces his keys here is his problem solver! Everything right in front of him visible, no rummaging through a drawer of ties or belts or trying to find his keys because there is a place to hang all the keys too! Not too mention chargers- everyone has them, probably multiple, and this holds them too so there is no reason to lose anything from glasses to chargers to keys to watches and even pens (I know a pen is never handy when I need it)!

Check out the organizers that Longstem has to offer. Whether you need to save space or you would prefer a wall mounted organizer or a tabletop or one that goes into the corner, they have you covered. You will never have to empty out your jewelry box and look through it piece by piece to try and find what you are looking for or having to spend time untangling. What a time saver, space saver, and for me, headache saver!

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