I remember growing up and having every color combination of friendship bracelets and nowhere to store them, I kept them everywhere and anywhere. Now a days the next generation have so many on at one time and probably have them all over as we did in our day Coming up with different color combinations, adding charms to them and such. They remind me of the friendship bracelets that my friends and I used to make all of the time, and the kids seem to treat them the same by sharing them and trading them between one another  ‘My niece could use this for all the bracelts shes got and keep them nice and in order .



We have found the Loom Boom to be a great piece to have, and after her friends saw how she was keeping all of her loom bracelets together and displaying them, they all have now said they too want their own Loom Bloom! She loves bright colors  , but we both like how one Loom Boom can hold up to 40 of those loom bracelets! You can find the Loom Boom at Toys R Us in a variety of colors. To help with your own bracelet loom dilemmas in your home Loom Boom is the answer to all the bracelet problems.

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