When we throw parties we have a few people who drink , now before they leave we can have them use our handy Breathometer , a simple product that we have set up to our smart phone, it takes 4 seconds of them blowing into the LED light and 2 minutes later we will know their blood alcohol level. And if its safe enough to let them drive home.

Breathometer is designed so you can share it with your friends. No accessories or tubes needed for safe, sterile, accurate use. Breathometer is not just for you.This is a great new product. Easy to use. And a lot better than worrying about getting pulled over.


Safety for our guest is the first priority! Since there are no tubes to replace or mouthpieces to wash now you can have your quests use this without concerns.
Breatometer to make sure they are being responsible. drinking and driving isn't funny and we would nt want t be held responsible for people drunk driving.

What I love the most is the option to call on alternate transportation when my reading shows that I'm not capable of driving safely. And its small enough to fit in your purse so you can take it anywhere and everywhere.

Breathometer—the smart breathalyzer—transforms your smart phone into a breathalyzer in seconds — obtain your current blood alcohol level by simply blowing into the device, learn how long before you are “back to zero,” or you can call a local cab directly from the app. Breathometer gives you the power to make smarter decisions when drinking. Drink smart. Be safe. App is easy to load onto your phone and simple to use. Actually can keep track of your levels from all the times you used it.



The way this machine gauges the BLOOD alcohol level from your BREATH is by registering the highest level of alcohol registered from a deep, long breath; the best and most accurate is when you feel like you have no air left. When performed properly, you'll have a relatively accurate reading within the operating limits of an inexpensive machine.


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