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About OrnamentShop.com: OrnamentShop.com has been in the Christmas decoration business for the past 31 years and pride themselves on delivering the best personalized ornaments to their valued customers.”


Ornament Shop

The Ornament Shop makes gift giving so easy. Such as the tree pictured here. Because it can hold up to 25 names – either humans or pets. This is perfect for the big family or for a special teacher or even a coach. And you can choose between head or pet dishes. So you can include all of your pets on this beautiful tree. I love this because I am able to include my ENTIRE family on ONE tree!


Ornament Shop

All of their ornaments are just for Christmas. They offer so many different shapes, sizes and occasion. That you can commemorate any and all occasions! I love this because their baby was ADOPTED WITH LOVE. What a great way to celebrate and remember this special date.


Ornament Shop

This is perfect for anniversary parties or dinners. You can order these as name tags or gifts to send home with your guest. I can't say enough about this company. I have purchased several different ornaments and will purchase many more. Because their ornaments are great quality and nice sized. And I love to celebrate and remember all of my special occasions. From the birth of my children, grandchildren to all of their birthdays. I even have one for each grandchild when they lost their first tooth. I have them distributed throughout my house. These would make a very nice and unique gift to give for any holiday. A gift that is made especially for that special person. You will be the hit of the party.

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