I love trying new products and got very excited when Ozeri asked me to review their Ozeri 360 Oscillation  Tower Fan, with Micro-Blade Noise Reduction Technology
. I know what you are thinking, most of the USA is cold with snow so why am I talking about fans. I live in one of the lucky few states where we are having 70 degree weather and by next month I will need this fan. For the rest of you I am helping you think positive that spring and summer will be here soon. And liiving down South we need the fans on ost days and this tells me how hot my room is . Love this fan .

Boasting unrivaled technology, the Ozeri 360 Tower Fan oscillates at 60, 90, 120, or 360 degrees for partial to complete air circulation with 3 whisper quiet speed settings. Utilizing advanced cylindrical motion technology with over 200 noise-reducing micro-blades, the 360 Tower Fan achieves remarkable airflow velocity while remaining impressively quiet. The 360 Tower fan offers 3 fan whisper quiet speed settings for customized airflow. It also features 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation and comfort with up to 360 degree complete oscillation for timely relief on a sweltering summer day or for refreshing circulation all year long. The Ozeri 360 Tower Fan features an 8-hour timer that can be programmed in 30 minute increments with ease, and a multi-colored LCD that displays all fan functions and the room temperature. All of the Fan’s features, including programmable timer, are easily controlled via the included extended-range remote or via the fan’s front control buttons. The 360 Tower fan features a dismountable design that only requires the hand assembly of fan base using 3 included screws, with no special tools required.
You will honestly be impressed because Ozeri makes great quality products and always backs it up with a warranty. However, I doubt you will ever need to use it. The fan is super quiet, has 3 settings, can oscillate at 60, 90, 120, or 360 degrees for as much circulation as you like, and another wonderful part of this product is an 8 hour timer.

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You will never believe how wonderful this product is, until you get it and try it for yourself. When it first arrived, I unwrapped the box and plugged it right in. All I can say is you'll never experience a relaxing, cooling, and comfortable circulation of air from any other cheap brand name fan. Finally, the Ozeri 360 Oscillation Tower Fan can make you save more cash during the summer, because you'll never need to use the air conditioner as often as you would normally do.


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