Me personally I hate to eat early in the mourning, when I was asked to review some morning rounds by Ozeris Pita Bread. Personally I never heard of them till now and was happy to try something new.

When the bread arrived, my husband looked at them , like they were weird. The box was marked “Keep Frozen” but the bread was at room temperature. I tossed all of it in the freezer to keep it fresh . I kept one bag out and put it in the fridge and my nephew Devon loved them. We popped some in the toaster and they looked like english muffins but better. We added some butter on them and he was so happy. They were so delicious I even had one.

You can easily take out how many Morning Rounds you want and then securely seal the package shut. It helps to preserve the freshness and also makes it easier to freeze. There’s no annoying little plastic tag to seal the bag. Morning Rounds come in four different varieties: Muesli, Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Orange and Multi Grain. You can see the real fruit pieces in the Apple Cinnamon and Cranberry Orange.

My favorite was the apple cinnamon, Devon loved them all. I have to agree with him they are all good toasted or plain wither way they are worth it.
And the best part they are good for you . They are also heart healthy and a source of iron and fiber. Each round is about 200 calories.




Apple Cinnamon French Toast


3 Apple Cinnamon Morning Rounds (or Snacking Rounds)

1 egg

¼ cup milk

1 tbsp butter

Maple Syrup to serve



Beat the egg and milk.

Half the Morning Round and soak in the egg and milk mixture while lightly pressing onto the Morning Round to help absorb the mixture. Heat on medium high until golden brown.


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