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Packing For A Quick Trip Made Easy

I love road trips and I often find myself packing for a quick trip at the spur of the moment. In the past, I end up throwing full size containers of the items I need most into tote bags as I dart through the house trying to get ready. Those days are over! I’ve found the perfect solution to the spontaneous road trip. Savvy Travelers!

Packing Made Easy

When someone suggests a sudden trip and I really want to go, the last thing I want to do is exhaust myself running around the house making sure I have all the personal items I need. Savvy Travelers has an extensive product line that allows me to have what I need all in one place. I keep the boxes of these clever wipes on a shelf in my room. All I have to do is grab the little “getaway” pouch that came with my order and toss in the wipes I’m possibly going to need.

The Products I Have On Hand

  • LIFT offz™ – Incredibly Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipe
  • TAKE offz™ – Fabulously Fast Facial Cleansing Wipe
  • BOTTOMZ up™ – Sensually Refreshing Booty Bidet Wipe
  • NO sweat™ – Positively Powerful Antiperspirant & Deodorant Wipe
  • SPEAK eazy™ – Ridiculously Refreshing Teeth, Lip & Mouth Wipe
  • KLEAN upz™ – Super Sanitizing Antibacterial Hand & Body Wipe
  • KLEAN offz™ – Extremely Fierce Surface Cleaner Wipe
  • IN THE klear™ – Brilliantly Flawless Lens, Screen & Camera Cleaner Wipes

Why I Love Them

Let me count the reasons!

  1. Each wipe is individually packaged. This, for me, means I can toss them in my purse, in my glove compartment … pretty much anywhere I think one might come in handy.
  2. The smell great!!! Fresh, clean, and feminine. They don’t interfere with my perfume at all.
  3. They work great! Each wipe does exactly what it says it’s going to do. I can count on them to perform the task they are created for.
  4. They are inexpensive. I can actually afford to keep an entire collection of Savvy Travelers wipes stocked up.
  5. They offer a subscription of the wipes I use most often! I never have to worry about running out!
  6. Disposable and eco-friendly wipes helps me to take care of our environment.

No matter where I go, or how quickly I have to get there, I feel clean and refreshed with my Savvy Travelers wipes. Not only that … I know that the surfaces I’m coming in contact with are also going to be clean because I have the wipes for that as well.

My travel pack is ready to go! Is yours?

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