I am sure you can relate to back pain, leg pain, neck pain, calf pain, shoulder pain, or some other kind of pain.  If not, then I envy you! Unfortunately, I have back pain a lot and pretty much want to just stay in bed and not move, but that is not possible.  I need pain relief a lot.  I used to take medicine for my pain but as I took it, it ended up being less and less effective and I would need to go to something stronger.  I had to put a stop to that because the last thing I wanted to do was end up taking a pill every single time I had a twinge of back pain or become dependent on them. We all know there is a huge opioid problem and the last thing I want is to mess with.

I had heard about TENS units which is something that helps with pain and had decided to give those a try but those have electrodes and other parts and were just a big pain to deal with and it was just easier to take the pill in all honesty than fool around with the gadget.

ActiPatch is not a pill and is not like those units with electrodes.  It is  basically a patch that you put where it hurts and go about your regular day.  This can even be used while sleeping!  You can get an overview of it here to see how it works.  It is just a patch – no heat, odor, or tingling, and best of all no drugs to take.   This has changed everything.

The ActiPatch delivers 720 hours (30 days/nights) of therapy and can be switched on and off and is available for $29.95 in the USA on Amazon. If you  want to try it out first before buying the full product, they do offer a version of the product they they call the “7 day trial” ActiPatch. This version does not turn off once activated and runs for a week. Right now they are are offering the trial for ONE PENNY plus $4.95 to cover our shipping/handling expense.  Then you can decide whether this works for you and whether you want to purchase the ActiPatch for yourself where you can turn it on and off as you wish.

If you have pain and have tried (or do not want to try) all kinds of pills or TENS units or creams and nothing has helped, check out ActiPatch and see if it can help you with relief of your pain.

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