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Paint By Sticker Books?

Have You Ever Heard Of Paint By Sticker Books?  I Hadn't Until I Was Sent This Beautiful Mermaid Book – So Much Enjoyment!

I'm sure you've heard of paint by number and of course, we all know about those apps where you can “paint” different pictures on your phone.  However, have you heard of paint by sticker?  I know before this, I had never known it existed.  Luckily, Workman Publishing sent me their Paint By Sticker Kids: Mermaids & Magic! book and I've never looked back!  Forget the kids, I want this.  See, you get pages of empty drawings with numbers on them, then pages of stickers with matching numbers.  The one thing I loved is there's only one of each number.  So, you don't have 10 pieces of number 1.  It's so easy to understand, but it does take some patience.

I had a hard time because of my clumsy, big, fat fingers.  Which is why they make this for kids!  They will have a much easier time putting in the stickers with their tiny little fingers.  At first I thought, “how is a kid going to be able to do this?”.  After more thought I see that it takes small digits to do this.  It was fun nonetheless

Like No Other Sticker Book

When my kids were little there were many different sticker books out there.  Unfortunately, my little ones would just take them out and stick them onto the wall and other areas in our home.  Anyone else have this happen, or is it just me?  With this beautiful book the stickers are metallic and shiny (some are regular) because the pages are majestic mermaids, unicorns, and even a princess crown.  I'm trying to finish the crown on my own, but we'll see how well I do.   As I said, it's easy to understand, just hard for my old, uncoordinated hands and aged eyes.

My granddaughters are 9 and 3 years old and when they saw this book they flipped out.  The look of it is just gorgeous.  It comes with enough stickers for 10 finished, very detailed pictures.  The shiny glittery stickers are, of course, the favorite and make the pictures stand out.  Not only do they get to color in the descriptions above, but there's also a crystal ball, and even Pegasus!  One of the nice things is the pages are perforated for easy removal.  What a great gift these would make for Grandma & Grandpa.

Please don't judge me on my first sticker picture!  I have shaky hands, but it was so much fun.  I'm sure yours will look a little better.

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