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Paint By Sticker Easter Book

This Paint By Sticker Easter Book Will Give Kids Lots Of Exciting Activities

I've received a paint by sticker book a little while back and I loved it.  At least, I should say my grandkids absolutely loved it.  I even enjoyed finishing one of the pages.  There's something about matching a shape and slowly creating a beautiful picture that's magical.  That's coming from an adult, so imagine how ecstatic kids would be when finishing these activities!  This particular book is Paint by Sticker Kids: Easter by Workman Publishing.  Not only is this a fun craft to do with your kids, but there's no mess when you're done.  I know that makes every single parent happy!

Paint By Sticker From A Blank Page To A Work Of Art

Children get so bored with crafts, activities, and even games if it doesn't keep their attention.  However, this book is so detailed and takes such concentration that it will keep them busy for quite a long time.  There's nothing better than a child that works on their own.  Although, there are times when it's such great fun to sit down and bond with little ones while working together to finish a work of art.  It's such a sense of confidence for them to see a piece of paper with shapes on it, to then turn it into a gorgeous creation that they put their heart into.  In addition to that, it's such an accomplishment for them when you put it up on the wall or refrigerator for all to see!  That's the best pat on the back ever.

No Mess Is Even Better

Parents love to give their children fun activities but the clean up afterwards isn't fun.  Some of it can be done with a child's help, but they can only do so much.  Mom or Dad are usually the ones left with the mess.  That alone makes a parent not even want to start a craft!  That's why this book is such a wonderful idea.  No matter how much participation your kids have in this art project there won't be a mess to clean up.  It's as simple as putting a sticker on a piece of paper!  Every child can do that, but very little kids will possibly need some help by a parent.  Not because of the mess though, just to get the sticker in the correct spot.  However, if you don't care what the end product looks like, then just let them have at it!

With this amazing Easter book you'll receive 34 pages of fun, plus those pages are perforated for easy removal.  The age range is 5 all the way up to 99 because kids shouldn't be the only ones with the fun!  Not only will kids love this but I have a loved one in the hospital and I was thinking they'd love this to pass the time.  It's so simple because you match the empty space number to the corresponding sticker and violá you have a work of art.

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