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PAIRED – Champagne & Sparkling Wines. The food and wine matching recipe book for everyone.


Food and wine pairing has traditionally been reserved for the minority, but not anymore, now all you need is taste buds and a sense of adventure. These delicious recipes, presented by wine expert David Stevens-Castro and food photographer Fran Flynn, create a foundation to share your new skill with aplomb. Leave your comfort zone behind, try the unexpected and bask in discoveries that your taste buds will be forever grateful for.

The layout is excellent. The pictures of the food were taken by Fran, and they are positively mouth-watering. They made me want to try my hand at them, even if I didn't have any sparkling wine on hand with which to pair them.

The book is divided into eight sections with a lighthearted and accessible style of language aimed at everyone with an interest in food and wine pairing. The first, fully illustrated section, gives detailed guidance so set you on the right path to understanding matching food and wine for yourself. It also provides information to demystify terminology and explain wine labelling.


Whether you're cooking a special date night dinner at home, entertaining guests or buying a gift for a foodie friend, you'll find Paired to be an informative, enjoyable and absorbing read. My sister loves this book, we have so many different wines that now we can pair it, with the food we cook, amazing how one book can change the way you eat and drink.

The balance of the book is divided into seven chapters. Each chapter showcases a style of sparkling wine, provides a beautiful visual explanation of the countries those wines come from, supplies a special cheese match for the topical wine, and finally several recipes that will pair with the topical variety. Every simple recipe – which are all illustrated with full colour photographs – is introduced by Fran, while David narrates some pairing suggestions. ‘Hot tips' also features throughout the book, dispelling common misconceptions about wine. There is a broad range of dishes suitable for sharing and entertaining and suggestions on how you can introduce your friends to food and wine matching also.

Overall an informative, enjoyable and absorbing read, that can take pride of place on your coffee table and make many trips to your kitchen.

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